Saturday, 9 February 2019

Thoughts on the system - 19

There’s no way to describe the system, the organism. Its vocabulary is grossly underwhelming. The following rough thoughts are an attempt to outline the unoutlineable:

  • Success leaves clues, pay attention to these.
  • Obama was chosen as president to sell the idea of progressivism to the rest of the world that isn’t Anglo-American (white).
  • If something is legitimately dangerous to the system, rather than call the secret police, it absorbs it with hyper-popularity, edits it into TV sound bites, burying it in plain sight.
  • The partisanship everyone clings to is a media construction serving the necessary function of letting you self-identify, in the absence of anything else in your life more substantive.
  • Dictators are temporarily very important for US foreign policy because it’s really hard to force a democracy to do Washington's bidding.
  • The official press hates any institution that isn’t an implicit or explicit part of the government.
  • Opioids pacified the Chinese, so is there any wonder why it’s being used in America too?
  • TV doesn’t just trivialise events, it temporises them. And when everything is recorded nothing is remembered.
  • Never be afraid to miss a shot.
  • So masculinity is toxic? Well, femininity is prostitution.
  • The perfect technological expression of democratic society is Twitter.
  • When guys fall in love, that’s the end of our passion. Men are much more passionate when we like a girl.
  • If you want to destroy the power of racism, you couldn’t do better than by calling everything racist. If everything is racist then nothing is racist and the term becomes meaningless.
  • “We need more women in government!” Well, if gender is a social construct, what difference does it make?
  • When a woman buys you cologne, she's doing that to be reminded of a man she considers to be better than you.
  • Dig deep enough and you will always find a woman as the accuser in any scapegoat process.
  • The funny thing about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is that when she says stupid things, people just assume that’s because she’s a girl.
  • Contra Jung, men do not have a “feminine side.” There are only men who understand masculinity and those who are confused about it.
  • The media symbol for the collapse of public order is looting (the opposite of shopping). And the media symbol for a collapse of civil society is the destruction of a media news van. If you start a riot, the first thing you should flip over is the news van. Just don’t then stand on it.
  • The interest most white New Zealanders have for Maori culture occurs precisely because Maori culture is not threatening to the status quo.
  • Movies don’t tell you who you are, they tell you how to be.
  • Rule #1 of stupid people: the culture you know nothing about has all the answers.
  • The desire to be something, coupled with the terror of doing anything, results in ambivalence and inertia camouflaged in a consumerist lifestyle full of meaningless choices. Don’t worry, at least all that latent energy can be used on yourself, which was the whole point all along.
  • A lot of feminists didn’t get the chance to be mothers to their own children so they sublimate that drive to mothering society.
  • Feminism isn’t an arm of socialism, socialism is the default feminine existence.
  • Loans - easy money - are a far greater threat to civilisation than corruption on Wall St.
  • The key shift in the past year is that it is no longer simply that toxic masculinity exists, but that masculinity itself is toxic. Pathologising masculinity is a clever move by the progressives. It gives them a foolproof method to outlaw gun ownership. Psychiatry is an arm of the state.
  • The moment you are on TV you become an image slave. When the media elicits your identification, it is never about what you like but about what you hate.
  • How much do you have to hate your kids not to build them into the kinds of people who can safely and responsibly take on your wealth?
  • Women think they want the truth but what they really want is a good lie.
  • The entire phrase #MeToo is exactly the problem: it betrays that women consider themselves to be herd animals, only acting when other women act.
  • If you’re surrounded by carpenters, everything becomes about hammers.
  • The point of all questions in the media is not to resolve it with science or logic but to limit the scope of the debate to manageable, politically expedient constructs. The point is not to answer any question.
  • The universe isn’t made up of “dark matter.” That’s just a convenient way for our brains to survive the terror of comprehending that it is truly filled up with nothing.
  • It's as simple as this: Homosexuality is normal because otherwise it’s abnormal.
  • Asking “why am I this way” is a narcissistic defence. That question doesn’t want an answer, it wants you to keep asking the question.
  • If someone tries to fool you, you could ask what is it about that person that makes them act that way. But the real insight is asking what is it about the things you do that makes the manipulator think she can manipulate you?
  • You’re not a good person until you make good choices. Until then, you are chaos.
  • Attractiveness is not subjective. You’re not a 10 to some guy and a 7 to another. You’re probably just a 7 and the first guy is just a loser.
  • All the stories about crazy people liking Trump are about crazy people, but they are crazy in the required direction. This crazy person loves Trump, which is to say only a crazy person would love Trump.
  • The cardinal rule of family is: don’t disparage a family member to someone outside the family. If you need me to explain this, you are a terrible person.
  • The future is always terrifying when you can’t even focus on the present.
  • Women don’t fall in love with who you are, they fall in love with what you are, your lifestyle.
  • If people are in control of their lives, why do they all dress alike?
  • The power of Facebook is to convince everyone that outward appearances matter more than what’s true.
  • I’m not against introspection, I’m against masturbation.
  • Psychiatry is the tool the system uses when it can’t shoot you in the head.
  • You must work to remember never to allow any arbitrary set of standards be the authority in any direction whatsoever.
  • Women don’t value truth as much as they do self-preservation.
  • Defining yourself based on what you hate ("I’m not like them") and secretly believing that only you have/deserve free will because other people are too dumb to handle it are both causes and characteristics of totalitarianism.
  • Oh, that's so cute! You’re trying to rewrite the history books in the age of the internet.
  • The progressive cries out in pain as he strikes you.
  • The central concern of modern experts is always the individual, never the fate of civilisation.
  • The best way to get a child to like doing something is to make sure they’re good at doing it.
  • Yes, your past does sound terrible, but now what?
  • Saying Tiger Woods isn’t a sex addict just means you’re agreeing that there is such a thing as sex addiction. Can you see the trick?
  • Your protest is allowed to exist because it isn’t a threat, but you think it is.
  • If you can’t be funny then you’re not free.

Friday, 8 February 2019

Notes on the system - 14

Saying what the eye sees – rather than what the brain sees – is like a camera shutter. Long exposures soak in more light. Short exposures are for speed. The following rough notes are about light:

The confusion of art galleries

You don’t naturally know what to do in art museums, you have to be taught. So it’s not surprising so many people take pictures because that’s what they think they should do. I also get the feeling I’m not supposed to see this artwork, it was made for someone else who was forced to share it with you. How narcissistic do you have to be to think you're on the same social or importance level of the people for whom the artwork was commissioned? We had this big century-long revolution which abolished the idea of an "elite" and forced them to hand over their artwork and property. Now they sit in galleries so everyone who walks in can feel as important as the old elite. But we're not. We're losers compared to them. I see a Cezanne and rather than say "wow, this is great," my reaction immediately is: "I'm not supposed to see this." I've done nothing in my life to be worthy of occupying the same room as the type of personal success this artwork represents and with which it should be coupled.

The negative of Big Data

There is a freedom in the ability to make mistakes that we are fast removing from ourselves. Choices made by Big Data are robbing us of what a brain needs to be creative. We have a lack of mental effort and exercise. Are you being good or evil? How do you know? Is it a good thing to remove the obstacles in front of people to enable them to purchase more things and spend a longer time at shops? Driverless cars also force the question about what to do with an object that has no agency or free will. Judicial systems not set up for that question. What if people say it’s not my fault, a car did it? What does "a car did it" actually mean? What if someone says they are bankrupt because Big Data made all their financial decisions? Our entire social and economic system is predicated on individual human choice. None of it is ready for the implications of machine choices.

Where the lies are coming from

What you say is probably not your idea, you have heard it, which means you are not in control of your thoughts. We are being lied to, by ourselves. Men are struggling to become useful for society, for women, and for other men. We go to university and cannot get a job. We go to bars but cannot pick up women. We can't keep friends and don't ever seem to have enough money to "do what we really want." And so we look for something to blame. "Women have emasculated men!" Really, a girl did that to you? Blaming feminism, progressives or "society" is a convenient way to dodge your own responsibility: the problem isn't the system, the problem is you. Maybe if men spent less time feeling sorry for themselves and chasing pretend hero-stories in video games and more time developing themselves they would see it's not the society which is broken, but they who have a responsibility to build and maintain it. It is not the spoon that bends, but only yourself. But I agree it's easier to blame women and society for men's problems...

The last bastion of manness

If women collectively said one day they would stop having sex with men, the first thing men would say is "ok, we're going to rape you." Any power a woman has is the power men let her have. It is entirely based on the unwritten social contract men hold in which we restrain ourselves. Women can try to chip away at men's emotions, competence, laws, mindset, philosophy and all the rest, but the one thing women can never take from men is our anger and physical strength. Women can have control over everything in society, except the ability of a man to punch them through a wall.

The only question that matters

What kind of woman still loves a man no matter how badly he treats her? What kind of man loves a woman who loves him no matter how badly he treats her? What kind of man are you that attracts the kind of woman who only likes you for X? Is it because there is nothing else of value inside you apart from X?

Arguing and re-arguing

A mind becomes rational through repeated argument, over and over, often on the same topic and on the same side of that topic but with a different opponent. The problem atheists often have is they don't encounter any opponents who suggest that what is rational may not be all there is. This is why I think anyone who snarks in abortion, gay rights, religion, or other topic threads about "oh great, another ____ thread" is dim. Those discussion threads aren't identical because the participants aren't the same. And usually when you get about halfway through a thread, people have exhausted their cribbed arguments from the latest New Yorker/Daily Show or opinion journal, and they start responding on point by thinking on their feet, and that's when it gets interesting. You start to see some drift in positions and clear emergence of prejudices and biases.

The stupid and weak

Yes, we know that people who think the world was created 6000 years ago are stupid, that people who believe in aliens are stupid, and that people who need God to stop drinking a fifth of gin every night are weak. We get it. I don't disagree. I do disagree they're somehow dangerous to society. Stupid and weak people have been around forever and society has improved considerably. Also, stupid and weak people are easily led, so they just need a leader.

Mid-life crisis

A mid-life crisis is always about the question: “will I do anything useful with the rest of my life?” The word “useful” must refer to something that serves the next generation, or it won’t end the crisis. It may be about simple not saying “I want to get rich” but instead “I want to get rich so that my family has a good life.” This isn’t about the comparative morality of whether being rich is better than being poor, but the inclusion of the clause “so that” by which the narcissism is dissolved.

Cold fusion or bust

Politicians throughout the world have a single, universal problem: how to convey the appearance of financial stability until someone discovers cold fusion. They are deferring this problem by using welfare, which simply puts it off for a future generation to deal with. We can pretend that other things matter, but they don’t. Cold fusion and welfare. It can't be one or the other, it has to be both or neither. So here we are discussing things like gay marriage precisely to avoid answering questions about the enormous welfare debt. This is the core of the intergenerational conflict. The old people will do anything to avoid someone messing with their retirement payments.

Last shift of power

Women outnumber men in universities, but men are heavily involved in cyberspace. Women may get all the clicks and do all the clicking, but men are building the biggest male space ever conceived. Women still haven’t moved past their inherent need for external recognition, which is why they focus on university degrees - not the education, but the degree. Men are perfectly comfortable to fulfil their knowledge needs on their own without needing validation. The internet will do more to undermine the female imperative than any other invention. It might even let us return to productivity and invention, rather than activity and "innovation." The last shift of power will be to those who control the online, not to those who are online. The control will belong to men.

The fat woman challenge

As an indicator for progressive tendencies, tell someone that (as a man) you wouldn't date fat women and see what they say. If they laugh and agree (especially a woman), then you're in the clear. If they object to your fair standard, then they're either a full-blown Marxist or they will become one eventually. Either way, it says a lot about the person.

US/Soviet ties go way back

The American financial and industrial establishment built the entire Soviet military-industrial complex from the ground up from 1929 to 1941. The Soviet Union was able to defeat the Wehrmacht only because of US technical assistance. Who built the steelworks at Magnitogorsk, Kuznetsk and Zaporozhe? Freyn Engineering of Chicago and Arthur McKee of Cleveland. Who designed and built 77% of Soviet oil refineries, 96% of its lubricating plants, and 91% of its cracking plants? America. Who designed and built the tractor factories that produced tanks at Kharkov, Stalingrad and Chelyabinsk? Ford and Packard. In 1944, Stalin told Averell Harriman that two-thirds of the large industrial enterprises in the USSR were built with American technical assistance. Those Soviet tanks that rolled into Berlin in 1945 were built in a US-designed and built factory, ran on oil produced in a US-designed and built oil plant, transported on a US-supplied rail system. If Washington had supplied the Germans with the aid it gave the Soviets, the Swastika would be flying from the Atlantic to the Urals to this day. The post-WW2 “War Against Communism” did an excellent job of covering up treasonous US assistance to Stalin’s criminal regime because the US political establishment was always in bed with the Soviets. The political establishment’s successful efforts to distract people like you with talk of how the Rockefellers aided the Nazis would be hilarious if it wasn’t so sad.

A new Cold War?

Did China ever believe the Cold War was over? Sure, Beijing has adopted the machinery of capitalism to increase its wealth, but it is becoming more expansionist and antagonistic, not less. Spying, hacking, technology theft, the South China Sea, NK missile tests, overseas kidnapping of dissidents and growing crackdowns on resistance at home. There never was trust and the Cold War never ended. China has been conducting a campaign against the West for some time. Trump has simply recognised this and acted accordingly. The only thing that’s changed is the US is pushing back with stronger ties among China’s increasingly nervous neighbours and a grinding economic war of attrition. It was about time.


If Islamic culture takes over, it won't be their body their choice. Love won't win. Religions won't coexist, and you won't be a strong, independent woman, because you'll be beaten half to death every time you leave the house by yourself.

Youth culture as a weapon

Youth-culture wing of the progressive movement is often called "alternative." In this name, we can see for a very large number of modern aristocrats that their hatred of traditionalists has deep personal roots. Many alterna-hipsters grew up in places where they were outnumbered and often physically assaulted. These people are generally your most virulent Trump-haters, and who can really blame them? They're also a little insecure about whether their educational or professional achievement entitles them to upper-class status, generating a sort of aspirational contempt. This can be seen clearly, for example, in the otherwise inexplicable loathing directed at Starbucks, which is actually a vehicle for selling progressivism culture to the masses.

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

What's really going on with 'Peak Oil' theory

Just when you thought belief in "Peak Oil" theory could hardly become less sustainable (haha), you get a month like the last one. Oil prices gained roughly 18% in January, the largest gain for that month of the year on record.

My understanding of the Peak Oil prediction is that the rate of production of petroleum will reach some natural top and then decline. It's not a radical idea. And it's not the same as "running out of oil."

First, you don't produce at oil wells until they become dry, an oil well is produced to the point where the marginal cost of extracting the next barrel of oil equals the marginal revenue from selling it. Put another way, you stop producing when it costs one barrel of oil to extract one barrel of oil. The reason oil, like any natural resource, peaks is because the easy stuff gets extracted first. Same with gold. At some point, all the gold in the tombs of Egypt was found lying around on the ground, along cave walls, or in riverbeds. Now we blow up mountains to find tiny specs.

Second, don’t confuse the cost of energy with productivity. Yes, petrol is expensive today. But that isn't the statistic to watch. The key is the cost of driving a kilometre. A more economical car will have a lower per-km cost than a less economical one. So, in the long run, technology advances will allow for more efficient use of resources. This is already happening as hybrids replace older cars.

But oil use is certainly rising. We use oil for things other than energy – like plastics, chemicals and lubricants. It is important to shift to different forms of energy generation, and away from fossil fuels. And I know there are hundreds of thousands of watts of free, clean, renewable energy blasting us right now from the sun, but this is confusing. Oil is a store of energy, specifically a store of solar energy from long ago – and a tremendously good one at that. Sunlight is not a store of energy, it is energy. Collecting and storing the sun's energy is the true engineering challenge. Oil’s proper comparison is to batteries. Oil is like pre-charged batteries lying underground.

There are two problems with Peak Oil theory in general:

1. You must make assumptions today about production technology in the far future, and those assumptions are almost always wrong, as we’ve seen with fracking and horizontal drilling. We aren't getting oil from wells like we did 10 years ago, and it won't be the same in 10 years’ time. It will be more efficient, producing more for the same cost.

2. We don't know how much oil there actually is. Much of the sea floor is unexplored and the oil we do know about is based on measurements and estimations developed by older technology which is likely inaccurate by now.

The way I see it, Peak Oil is the end of cheap oil. Not fast oil, not oil supplies, not exploration – just the end of cheap oil. The oil industry is amazingly efficient, possibly the most efficient large industry ever. A barrel of gasoline is still cheaper than a barrel of Coke. If there is profit to be made in tar sands, at the bottom of the ocean, or on the moon, you can be damn sure the oil companies will get it out and drive the extraction cost as low as possible.

Let me say that again: people pay more for Coca-Cola than the equivalent amount of petrol. It’s amazing that people are a) amazed when I tell them this, and b) continue to pay the high prices without a second thought after I tell them. I suspect many complaints about rich "oil men" are really about those dudes making a lot of money selling something people don't want to buy – but have to – rather than the people getting rich selling sugar water at a premium that sates their fat, bloated aspiring-to-be-upper-class-but-condemned-forever-to-be-merely-upper-middle-class appetites.

The real problem isn’t production to meet current demand, the problem is that current demand is a poor model of future demand at current prices. Most of China and nearly the entire Indian subcontinent are yet to be industrialised. There is no production model in existence that can meet this demand. If their consumption habits are anything like Europe’s, never mind the US’, then as demand outstrips supply, prices will go up. It is inevitable.

But "cheap" oil is a relative term. What is cheap? It's not an arbitrary number. It's cheap relative to the cost of everything else. Everybody competes for the same oil. Yes, there are some supply agreements here and there, but that’s baseline subsistence supply. There's always demand in excess of what is supplied by those agreements. The US controls or influences most production facilities in the Middle East, but that’s simply to make sure the oil gets to market – not to keep it off the market.

The fundamental issue of the twentieth century was that the US could not afford oil at market prices. As a result, an elaborate system was built to prop up the world economy. Oil is a global commodity priced in US dollars. Great. Historically, it was supplied by the Middle East or small third world countries (Russia is a special case). When people buy oil, they buy it in US dollars and those dollars go to the suppliers as dollars, not as the local currency. So now the Middle East and the third world are sitting on a pile of dollars. What do they do with them? They can exchange them for something else, but that's just passing the buck. At some point, those dollars end up in bank reserves, or back in the US purchasing government and private debt, allowing the US to deficit spend. It's very symbiotic. Wonderful.

But now there's an X-factor – China. China has a lovely currency, the yuan, that floats slightly but is still basically pegged to the dollar and some other currencies. A lot of countries have done the same, so it's not unprecedented. What is unprecedented is that China with its pegged currency runs a huge trade surplus with the US (it ships out way more than it ships in). Hmm. Normally, the currency markets balance this out as the net exporter's currency rises relative to the net importer's, so the yuan should rise against the dollar. But it can't because it's pegged. So China has an ever-growing dollar inflow, and the Americans have an ever-growing dollar outflow.

This is untenable, just as Donald Trump says, because as China grows it consumes more oil priced in US dollars. Beijing doesn't feel much pain because the dollars are coming from the US. The Americans do feel the pain however because, guess what, the oil price is increasing for them too. That's the mechanism which should slow US consumption and lift oil prices. China is a huge consumer of oil, perhaps the largest, and its impact on the market is huge. In other words, oil is the de facto Chinese currency. To balance trade, the oil price must rise because the yuan won't. The market always finds a way.

Yet the United States is a highly developed consumption economy, racking up personal, government and mortgage debt to horrifying levels – and you can't blame the government for doing what individual people do. The analogy used by Ross Perot that "at the end of the day, somebody has to pay the bill" falls flat because Americans believe they'll never have to pay the bill. Consumption never slows if money is cheap. And it is extremely cheap.

Why? Because no one can get elected by contracting the US economy. The entire US economy is powered by money that didn't exist before you spend it. Did you buy something for $1000 on credit? You just created $1000 out of thin air. The analysis is a bit more complex and the maths a bit more rigorous, but you get the idea. If people are buying $900,000 homes with interest-only mortgages, and furnishing them with $10,000 of credit card debt, guess what, the economy is too large. That is all spending that should not exist.

So as China grows to sell more crap for Americans to buy with credit cards, oil prices will rise. But the US economy isn't slowing – just the opposite – so how does the system regulate itself? By tanking the dollar. Everybody in the world with a clue is watching US private, corporate and government debt and seeing way too much leverage. The system is close to busted. It may take twenty years to bust because the scale is enormous and enormous things moves slowly, but none of this is sustainable.

People will begin to leave the US dollar, very slowly, because they don't want to break the consumption engine on which the production economy depends, but they will make some re-allocations towards commodity funds and gold. Oil-producing countries like Iran and Iraq are always looking to get out of the dollar business and establish a parallel €-oil market. This would result in wholesale abandonment of US debt by these countries, as they'd no longer have the petrodollars and wouldn’t need US assets in which to invest those dollars.

That's what Peak Oil really is – a fundamental shift in the American way of life while the rest of the world improves. I’m will politely decline to add this to the long list of “why Donald Trump was elected.”

But I suspect the US will weather the end of cheap oil better than China, Japan, landlocked Europe, Africa and South America. Don't forget how important oil is everywhere, but in the US it's more of a convenience and Americans are in a good position to adjust. For example, the tar sands in Western Canada and US contain more oil than all that has been pumped to date. These reserves may not yet be economically feasible to extract at $60 a barrel, but they will still produce from there precisely to develop the technologies to make it efficient at $60.

Compounding everyone else's woes is that if the oil price doubles, it means the oil-derivate component of goods will double as well. If widget X costs $1 and $0.07 of that cost is oil-related (transportation, energy, materials), doubling the oil component pushes the price to $1.07 – a 7% increase. The more advanced the widget – the more intellectual and creative input required – the less oil price matters. This is why Peak Oil for China is a real worry. It is difficult to run a massive manufacturing and shipping economy on solar or wind power. But it is very easy to run a service and information economy with those resources. The US wins again.

So, the problem is not the petrol prices, the problem is the complete lack of alternatives. Economics teaches that as prices rise, alternatives and substitutes enter the market. So, where are they? The best we have are hybrid cars. Governments are doing the bare minimum to encourage alternatives. For instance, the reason governments are consistently hot to get people hooked on ethanol is that they want you to buy fuel. Don't think of Exxon as an oil company, think of it as a fuel company. Building electric cars is hardly rocket science. But electricity doesn't come from Exxon, it comes from electric companies which Exxon doesn't control. Electric utilities are massively regulated and they can't raise prices unless they get permission to do so. How is anybody supposed to make a fortune in that environment?

Why no nuclear reactors yet? Why so little government spending on solar research, or wind? Why are US automakers so hopelessly behind their Japanese counterparts in new engine technology? Because these factors mitigate the problems of Peak Oil, rather than exacerbate and capitalise on them.

The biggest issue with the post-industrial age is abundance, not Peak Oil. Everybody can pretty much have everything. That means it's necessary to manufacture scarcity for the purpose of reinforcing reliance on governments and to widen profit margins. So here we are, burning food (ethanol) to make fuel because there isn't enough oil to go around. Hardly anyone is making cars smaller or lighter. Almost no effort goes into reducing dependence on cars for travel. And who cares about harnessing the energy of the free giant fireball in the sky? Instead, companies arrange for things that were once abundant to become scarce. Scarcity keeps you working, keeps your head barely out of the water, keeps you dependent and under control.

We all knew about Peak Oil in 2006 and 2007 but nothing changed. So why did oil rise by 25% in the two months from October to January 2008 during the financial crisis? Why did the price of oil double from January 2007 to January 2008? How do you account for those wild swings in price? Is there corresponding supply and demand data to go along with those swings, or is the oil price simply reflecting the same underlying problem that drove wild swings in metals and food over the same period?

Do you really think everyone who trades these things is incompetent? All the currency traders, all the commodities traders, all the economists at the Federal Reserve, at Treasury, on Wall Street and the White House advisors? Is it really possible that everyone was simultaneously incompetent?

No. We are entering a period where it is of vital importance that the gap between the wealthy and the middle class be as wide as possible. I'll leave it to you to guess for whom it's so important.

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

The system of human power

Below is a rough model of the various levels of the competing models of human society. It's not complete, and there are likely many more sub-levels and concepts. This is simply an attempt to display how power works, what it looks like, and how it flows.

I do not care "who" has power.

The key is that although Jesus and the Jews tried to develop a new source of human power, they were unable to remove the scapegoat mechanism completely. While humans have exposed it, weakening its grip, sacrifice remains the source of all earthly power. And until we codify another source of power, it will remain at the top. The question is: which group will use this source of power to attain control?

As you can expect, the lower levels change regularly over history, adding new concepts, institutions or ideas into the mix. But the higher levels do not change.

Saturday, 2 February 2019

Thoughts on the system - 18

There’s no way to describe the system, the organism. Its vocabulary is grossly underwhelming. The following rough thoughts are an attempt to outline the unoutlineable:
  • Capital punishment, the law against murder, is the domestication and limitation of primitive violence by means of ritual violence.
  • The online banning of people means corporate law is quickly becoming law. Add this to the drive for “corporate responsibility,” cyber-security and the universal basic income and you have the three pieces of government: jurisdiction, security and welfare.
  • If the West needs a scapegoat, I fear there won’t be any more Jews left.
  • What people display is what they want to be complimented on.
  • Millions of children could easily be saved for the sums of money spent each year by women on nail polish and nail polish remover. Oh well.
  • The West will die because, as Nietzsche said, it exalts weakness. The scapegoat mechanism of power will not be defeated.
  • Pussy is important, but yours isn’t special.
  • The message to “live selflessly” benefits only women. Only men are told to find meaning and purpose working for others. Why do men believe this? Why is it so impossible, according to the system, to live for yourself?
  • All women offer sex for some kind of value in return as payment. Men do not require external value unless they are acting like women.
  • If women expect men to de-fang reality for them, then perhaps the caricatures of women - as overgrown children who need their hands held - aren’t all that bizarre.
  • Good luck finding a girl who isn't part of the system. This entire structure was built by men for women. It's not that women are brainwashed, it's that the status quo is female.
  • The nurse may be responsible for some things in the hospital, and she might be of equal importance, but the doctor allocates her power. He controls why she's important.
  • Men of action need not concern themselves with the opinions of women. If they lose, it will not be because women took up arms against them, and if they win, women will come over to their side en masse because women love winners.
  • People want power but don't realise that responsibility and influence come with it. You can't pick two, you have to use all three - otherwise, you won't even have one.
  • Christianity meets the precise definition of cancer. It can only exist in a healthy organism. It stimulates abnormally fast cell growth feasting on the living, breathing, productive body of Greco/Roman civilisation. Cancer doesn’t stop to think, “gee, maybe if we spread too fast we’ll kill this body and then we’ll all die.”
  • Progressives don't support the idea of open borders, like climate change they are against everyone who doesn't agree with them. The conversation is just a tool to flush out political enemies, isolate and destroy them in public.
  • The conquistadors began the slave trade with Africa because Native Americans didn't thrive as slaves, which is not at all controversial history. But somehow this sounds like "Africans are best suited to cutting sugarcane for the Noble White Man."
  • So, you can't criticise movies anymore? Well, is media art or propaganda? Was Orwell correct or not?
  • If it's true that progressives want to destroy the US and Western civilisation, and one of the ways to do this is open the borders to non-whites, then their own logic assumes coloured people are not compatible with western civilisation.
  • Often women don't want to fix the problem, they want there to be a problem so that their lives can have meaning, even if it's a stupid meaning, because all they care about is themselves.
  • "Teach men not to rape!" Yeah? Well, why don't you teach mothers how to train their sons to not rape? Why do the mothers get away free? Mostly it's because those who fight the culture wars are parents themselves. No one likes being criticised, especially by themselves.
  • You're getting all your information from second-hand to make you aware that someone may have said something that you should be upset about.
  • Girls struggle to distinguish between what is real and what isn't, so they take offence at jokes. They will imagine everything they don't understand is either an attack or insult directed at them or is simply crazy because it's outside the sphere of their solipsistic capacity to care.
  • Women don't make decisions; women react to decisions that have already been made for them.
  • If racism against white people doesn't exist because power and privilege then I guess anti-Semitism doesn't exist either.
  • If you use drones to terrorise an indigenous population you must completely bow them into submission or they will send suicide attackers to your homes.
  • Painted art is not like photography in the sense of capturing what’s there. With paint, you can capture both what is there and what you want to symbolise.
  • Regarding anything important, or really anything at all, try to aim for two-person conversations and write down as little as possible. That way, if you should end up in court, it will be their word against yours.
  • The true social battle, the one that no one is allowed to speak out loud, is that we can all pick whatever political side we want, so long as we vote to reduce corporate labour costs.
  • “Zero tolerance!” says the institution that cares nothing about justice, only the preservation of power.
  • The cause of a crime is the decision to commit it. Nothing more, nothing less.
  • You’re not addicted to sex, you’re addicted to an orgasm.
  • She wants to feel small, so either she picks a taller man or he makes her psychologically feel small.
  • Fairness is the lie sold to children to make them desire what does not serve their interests.
  • A capitalist loves spiritualism so much he opens a yoga studio.
  • The democratic structure may be the most scientifically advanced, but it isn’t the most socially advanced system.
  • When a woman tells a man to put away his “childish things” or whatever hobby he has, she just wants him to stop doing things that aren’t complimentary to her ego.
  • If money is time and you wish you had more time, then why don’t you accumulate money so that your kids have more time?
  • Men are innovators and workers, women are consumers.
  • If you have the power, you don’t need the facts.
  • Political correctness is a war on noticing things.
  • There is no such thing as a bad opportunity.
  • Dating apps are just the modern world’s version of arranged marriages.
  • Norms (unwritten codes of behaviour) break down when there is no fictive kinship to justify them. The result is that we create written rules of conduct, which lowers trust with each other.
  • Someone should check if soy makes men more feminine and therefore less innovative. After all, China is full of soy and not much invention. And as the West consumes more soy in, it appears to be less inventive (different from innovative).
  • Climate change is a form of class warfare. It’s fine for the elite to jet around attending climate conferences and visiting far-flung locales to preach their message as they deny the poor a chance to develop to their level. But the moment Mr and Mrs Schmoe middle-class want to go on a vacation, they’re told the world will boil if they take one step toward the plane.