Friday, 10 August 2018

Notes on the system - 2

Saying what the eye sees – rather than what the brain sees – is like a camera shutter. Long exposures soak in more light. Short exposures are for speed. The following rough notes are about light:

Don’t apologise

It's Them. We're answering to a Them. Who is LeBron James apologising to when he gets asked, "so, LeBron, are you saying that you're better than other people?" He should look at the sky for a second and then go, "yeah, I am. Let's be honest, I'm 33, worth zillions of dollars for doing something that people right now play in the street pretending to be what I actually am. So how about this: If I'm not liked, how about everybody just fuck off? I have a great accountant, so you can't get my money. You can talk about my momma, I don't care. I'm 6 foot 8, my dick is a long as a goddam rowboat and I probably get it sucked in front of my wife. There's nothing she can do about that because she's a loser compared to me. And so are you." But he backed off. Why? Because for his entire life, he was told no one is better than other people. But if LeBron James isn’t better – as a person – than nearly everyone, then what the hell are we doing?

The afterlife

People who want to live forever don't know how to want. They are the slave caste. They do not know what it means to have reached completion, to have done all you want to do, or to have seen all you want to see, because they do not truly know what they want to do or see. They assume their imagination is illimitable, their desires permanent, and their curiosity undimmed. They are insatiably greedy. But if you know what you want, and you know that one day you will have achieved that, you may simply want this life end. Death is not necessarily bitter. Slaves adore the idea of an afterlife where their misery can be overcome because they are incapable of doing so in this life. But they fail to understand that it's not the length of life, but the depth and height that makes it worth living.

Diversity of sameness

Diversity does not encourage difference of thought, it encourages a withdrawal into ourselves and a sameness of thought. After all, if everybody around you looks different, then the natural response is to look for ways to relate to the crowd. In so doing, each person begins to consciously and unconsciously align in their thought and speech patterns, thereby removing the benefit of difference. However, when people look alike, then they search for ways to think differently, just to compete with the other person, thereby encouraging difference of thought and innovation.

System over content

I'm so sick of melanin and genitalia in politics. Can we have some nerds, please? If the position you want has power, would your skin colour or genitalia qualify you for the job? In other words, if you reach a position based on your melanin content or gender, then the logical conclusion is that the position is not powerful after all. For instance, if black people had created a system into which white people were introduced, then white people would struggle in that system because the two races think differently enough formulate radically different institutions and competencies based on certain inherent skill-sets and mind-sets.

Non-state actors

Calling groups “non-state actors” allows the US to engage in global police action by unilaterally divorcing the leader or the country from the populace of that country. The US denies any country the sovereign right to be responsible for its citizens by circumventing the leadership and attacking individuals. If countries were truly independent of a global international community, the US would engage with threats via the executive, either by requesting it dealt with the threats personally or by overriding the executive through full-scale military action and cancelling its sovereignty. Dealing directly with the non-state actors assumes the sovereign is Washington. In fact, the term "non-state actor" is just another word for a "citizen of the international community," not the citizen of a sovereign country. These people are subject to the nomenclature and jurisdiction of whatever Washington decides.

Driverless cars

The problem with driverless cars isn't the cars, it's everything around them. The justice system isn't built to cope with inanimate agents making actions without the clause of free will. How does a court judge the morality of an AI's decision to strike a child instead of a grandma? Cars were set up to carry a person who was controlling the vehicle, steering wheels in the middle, engine in front, seat underneath and a thin metal coating over it all. But if a person is no longer controlling the car, of what use is maintaining the schematics of a car like this? Why build a car with four wheels? Why make cars to carry only five people? Why put the human in the middle? The question of whether driverless cars are a good thing is malformed. A better question is: if humans no longer are the primary agents of driving, of what use would building cars be at all?


The first principle is: whose happiness is more important? Yours. The second principle comes from the movie Wargames: the only way to win is not to play. If she doesn't want to play your game, you don't play. That's all it is. My happiness is the game. If I feel something in my gut, that means it's valid. It means something going on. I'm not going to bite my tongue, I'm going to tell you how I feel. I'm not going to take you out on another date if I've already been on three. I don't know if you want to fuck me, but I already know I want to fuck you, so figure it out. I’m doing something for you without you doing nothing for me. The courting process isn't part of the man's happiness. Who needs to be courted, him or her? She needs the build-up, but he will fuck her today. We don't have to like women to have sex. In fact, if you don't like a girl, she gets a better fuck.

Implied pussy

A lot of women sell men on implied future sex. But I'm not going to invest in a product I have no clue about. Why would I get into a relationship without testing to see if her vagina is something I'll want more than once? If you have a new medicine, you still get a piece of paper explaining what the drug is, and you get a taste. You can't be sold on an implied product. Men don't need to go into a relationship with their intentions clearly outlined because everyone knows what a man's intentions are – to fuck. Women know the game, it's been their favour since the beginning of time. The longer you make me wait, the less important and special your vagina is. It's her emotions versus your logic. So, if you just say over a coffee date, "I really want to eat your pussy right now," she's going react with a gasp and say, “you’re silly.” So you must be logical and convince her that she needs to be letting you eat her pussy right now. The courtship way is the woman's way. In other words, the nice-guy way is the woman's way.

Postmodern truths

Donald Trump is not undermining an objective truth. If that's what he’s doing, then it wasn't his idea. In fact, the reason why he can perform this action AND HAVE PEOPLE BELIEVE IT is because this is precisely what the progressive movement has been preaching for 100 years. From Luther to Baudrillard, the progressive/protestant empire is based on the concept that power is truth. There is no actual, at-bottom, truth. It’s turtles all the way down. All that matters is whether you have the Big Battalions on your side. Social network is only possible because of this conception of truth. Media is an arm of the ancien regime, while social media is an arm of the global, networked progressive state. All that matters is that the system in which it embeds (the internet) is free, egalitarian, global – the default assumptions. Those aren't "truths," they are unspoken assumptions about what it means to act in the required direction.

The flood

There are plenty of flood stories around the world. Lots of different cultures have them. It's very straightforward. The story is that now and then, human societies become corrupt because the institutions become outdated and archaic, but also because people lie and deceive each other being wilfully blind to undermine the foundation of their ordered culture. If you do that long enough, the chaos of nature comes “flooding” back in, the chaos of the nature of reality with which the society failed to harmonise. Or at the very least forgot how to harmonise yourself with. Everyone drowns in absolute chaos. That's what happens when you're deceitful. It's just a story, but it also happens to individuals. You get flooded in your life when things turn upside down and the lies you tell no longer help. You end up in the underworld of suffering. The path is lying.

A female tragedy

I don't understand why women don't make millions of dollars off their body when they’re young and then do the university thing once the wrinkles set in. You should do terrible things when you're young and can actually do them, and then better yourself when no one wants to fuck you. When a girl is over 35 she wants to have sex all the time, but guys don't want a piece of her old vagina. If you’re comfortable making money from your body, then just be a kept woman. Tell yourself anything to stay happy – that you're in love with him, he's a great guy, etc – but be honest. You're with him because of his money. You are what you are, stop hoping to be absolved. Accept what you're doing. Stop telling yourself you're doing it for all the other horseshit. If I were a 23-year-old woman I'd fuck anything that moved and get some money out of it. I'd go to school when I'm 30.

Relationship success

A happy man is a happy relationship. A happy woman is a miserable man. She wants you to be the man. That's what the point is. It's a psychology thing. Women want a guy she can look at, blink slow and respect. It's not about subjugating women. It's about building yourself up so that a woman can look at you and not feel like she needs to be your mother. That's all it is. She needs to know her man can support her and that he handles his business. When a man buys a mansion or even a house, he becomes a million times sexier because that's a masculine action. When you're renting, that other half of her voice that tries to put you down can say, "this loser is renting at 40." It's all in the mind. Women want that, don't ever let them convince you that they don't.

Ego problems

Success to a woman is being like a guy. We couldn’t care less. A woman CEO is not any sexier than the cute bitch who works at McDonald's. But if your girl doesn't constantly apply pressure, she knows you're going to eventually figure out that you’ll be better off without he – and be better off bouncing from girl to girl. That's in a guy’s nature. It's the girl's goal to get him to settle down. But what would you really miss about your girl if she left? It's men’s arrogance and ego preventing us from thinking about the whole relationship. We see women as possessions, even if we don't think we're doing it. That's why we lose our minds when women leave us. We're arrogant to think we control them. But all you need to do is let her know that she can't control you. Making you miserable is not her job. You know what, who says I'm supposed to do anything for my girl? Open a door, pull a chair out, get her a coffee. It's all desire. She better make me want to do that as opposed to RRRRAAAAAA! all the time.

One-way mirror

We have come to accept the virtual as the real. Do you “feel” that Donald J. Trump has been in your face all year – that he has been communicating with you, and he doesn’t stop talking. But, here’s a fact: He has only held one press conference as President. What you have experienced is one way, directed communication at you. You have not experienced interaction, yet you feel he is in your face constantly. No follow up. No interaction. Just tweets. Politicians must answer, but to whom? The people who voted for him can now ask him questions directly. But the media used to represent the opinions of the electorate. This isn’t the case anymore. The whole rationale for talking to the press as a proxy for the country no longer holds.


We live in a world where an anaesthetist can put 10,000 patients into unconsciousness without pain or incident, but the State can't execute a prisoner without horrific, macabre torture owing to countless inexplicable mishaps and errors. Over. And over. And over again. And no one is willing to state the obvious? We are carnivores.

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