Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Thoughts on the system - 8

There’s no way to describe the system, the organism. Its vocabulary is grossly underwhelming. The following rough thoughts are an attempt to outline the unoutlineable:

  • Whenever a culture regards something as evil, it is an expression of fear and therefore weakness. The more mediocre, weak, servile and cowardly a man the more things he will regard as evil.
  • Glass half full/half empty - maybe a glass half full indicates a lack of action or stasis. And maybe a glass half empty indicates action. Wouldn’t this reverse the pessimism/optimism dichotomy? Or would it simply nullify it?
  • "Better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all." How do you know? When you reach the transition point of that question, you can never go back. Either you never have or you always will have. Nothing besides remains. If the conspiracy is true then loving is the pinnacle. But if it’s not then of what point is 90 times around the sun? If humans are more than animals, why do humans act so much at our core like animals? 
  • Anyone who uses the system to augment their weakness is by definition a weak person.
  • I am not one of these, but I like the term “libertarian” because it implicitly contrasts democracy as totalitarian and controlling.
  • Male honesty becomes misogyny for some reason.
  • Right now it’s acceptable to do the right thing. But where were you when it was the wrong thing to do the right thing?
  • The point of politically correct words isn’t to remove the chance of offence, it is to remove the tools necessary to construct thoughts outside of the accepted doctrine.
  • Mighty empires are doomed when they have too many laws. The prohibition of the details of social living leaves little room for breaking out of a box, advancing understanding, questioning ideas, taking responsibility, becoming, building oneself through trial and error.
  • America is the first global empire that lies to itself about being a global empire.
  • The men’s rights and the feminist movements are the same things: the dregs of society trying to alter society because they have failed to win society’s expectations. They are the losers who want to change the rules because only losers think the winners play by the rules.
  • Communism will not work until everyone shares their sexual partners - the ultimate commodity.
  • When I say humans are still religious, I mean we are still attempting to recreate the magic of the sacrifice in all our cultural actions. It is our inability to address the mimesis and see that the things we hate are actually just parts of ourselves which have failed to be truly independent.
  • All human culture is an attempt to recreate the magic of the scapegoat through other means.
  • The problem with MGTOW is that while it feels like a good thing to reject society and women, they do not try to build a better future. Rejection of social responsibility is adolescent narcissism unless it is coupled with purpose. At some point, they will reach the existential crisis of not leaving a legacy. A man dies twice: First when his heart stops beating, and second when someone says his name for the last time. Are these men capable of dealing with this terror? We’ll find out, I guess.
  • The right to be forgotten could operate as a form of digital absolution. You can ask Google to “forgive” you and wipe away your sins by deleting some youthful indiscretion. The digital Big Other.
  • The best way to think about Europe today is as a colony of Massachusetts. The so-called democracies of the progressive eras combine a homoeopathic dose of democracy within an allopathic dose of Hegelian civil service state, whose functionaries are intentionally unaccountable to “the people” and whose jobs would changed not at all if elected offices suddenly became familial - as, in fact, they may be in the early stages of doing.
  • America is strange. White people are on top and everyone else is positioning to be the most oppressed.
  • Voting is the sacrificial ritual to solve a mimetic crisis.
  • Which consumes more: love or arranged relationships? No wonder the idea of love is so championed by advertising.
  • Fat girls get hit on more often than hot girls because guys think they have a chance with a fatty.
  • Narcissism is the logical end-point of Christianity because if you say that everybody is equal, then everybody is important. And since most are neither equal nor important, the majority live in a constant state of anxiety and hyper-lack, leading to the victory of consumerism.
  • You think it’s a good thing to have direct participation in government, but every time you’re given an opportunity to develop yourself to become a more informed socially responsible person, you jump on Netflix.
  • Today, humanity, as never before, is split into two apparently irreconcilable halves. The psychological rule says when an inner situation is not made conscious, it happens outside as fate. When the individual remains undivided and does not become conscious of his inner opposite, the world must act out the conflict and be torn into opposing halves.
  • Celebrities are just modern saints. When they die we mourn and attach certain significance or progressive values to them. St Transgender, St Anti-racism, St Diversity, etc. We set up shrines in the form of stage shows or “tribute” music bands.
  • You resent the rich? Well, how many bad decisions have you made? And how many bad decisions do you think he made? Fewer than you. Now, how many bad decisions did his family make? Fewer than yours. Draw a straight line down your ancestry. Their choices compounded to put you in poverty. His didn’t. Stop complaining and start making better choices today. No, not for you, but or your great-grandchildren. Don’t you wish your great grandfather made better decisions?
  • America is what happens when the children of slaves get their own slaves and pretend like they themselves aren’t aristocratic to avoid the new slaves conspiring to spin the wheel once again.
  • A girl is a sexual object until she does something to prove she is more than a sexual object. Avoid assuming she is worth more than the sum of her body. She is a vessel to be filled until and unless she transcends being just a vessel (a vessel + something more). No one values the contents of a vessel. They value the vessel itself. No vessel is singularly special, yet the concept of a vessel is special.
  • Women own the three components of sexual control. They have power (to choose who has chosen them), responsibility (carrying the final machinery of reproduction) and influence (they are the first point of contact for all children and broadcast all core ideas to children).

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