Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Thoughts on the system - 7

There’s no way to describe the system, the organism. Its vocabulary is grossly underwhelming. The following rough thoughts are an attempt to outline the unoutlineable:

  • We’re on one of the grains of sand on a beach, incapable of jumping to another grain. Of the universe’s secrets, do we even know one? 
  • The system survives not by the promotion of vice but by the normalisation of it.
  • If you didn’t need to be told you’re OK, why would you care about advertising? We’ve been told a thousand times not to trust our own judgement on purpose to get us to need ads to tell us how to be OK. 
  • If no one dragged back progress, a child taking a single step forward would pull 7 billion level for the same degree of exertion required to benefit one. No one needs to contribute. They just cannot be dead weight dragging back 7 billion.
  • If men told the truth to women all the time it would be called cruelty. Men have an editing system for how we really feel about women.
  • I have never heard a woman take full responsibility for her actions.
  • If you are born in a country and call yourself a hyphenated national name, you are a disciple of a system that feeds on manufactured identity.
  • The saying goes that men will only invest in a culture that supplies them with paths to power or actualisation. If they don’t get this, they will withdraw. But that’s what losers say. Who is keeping power from men? It’s not women.
  • “Decentralised” is a euphemism for control by private (as opposed to public) interests. Do you actually believe you are more in control of your data/life as private interests learn, manipulate and exploit more personal information about you?
  • It’s not just that we deserve to have a higher culture, but that the purpose of such a thing is completely alien to us.
  • Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates with all their money and wealth couldn’t kill a man and take his wife. All that effort and neither are in receipt of any power whatsoever. They are all of them dependent on other men for their actions. This is not power, it is being a tool. Of whom are they tools? Good question.
  • Racism doesn't exist. It's just a scapegoat mechanism borne by mimesis. It’s simply a misnamed form of sexual competition. The reason people don’t like foreigners or the “other” comes from desiring the same things, and then because neither person understands that the answer is to desire different things, both look for proxies on which to lump their frustrations and skin colour often is the easiest. It’s not racism, it’s simply a failure to be an individual.
  • The question isn’t why men perform acts of sexual competition, but why women do. They don’t need to, they only want to.
  • “What do we do with all these young men?” has been the central question of modern history. Stability and routine are female desires. The great fear of the grandmothers is their life of stability will disrupt if they let their young men flourish and become. So they keep them controlled and are perfectly happy to merge with an alien tribe if it means their own young men are not given the opportunity to develop beyond the status quo. Risk is a masculine instinct, stability is a feminine instinct.
  • “Artificial intelligence” is the golem of those who hate life.
  • The weak want to feel as though they are not in control: “my hormones made me do it.” But they also want to make the strong feel weak so that they can feel better about being weak and not striving to become strong. Apologies are a form of asking for power. In requiring the apology, the weak person implicitly comprehends that it is only the strong person who acts. The weak deny their own agency. Never apologise.
  • The belief in the transgender is a secular post-Christian belief in the free will of a soul unrestrained by the body. It assumes a spirit within the machine free to alter its existence at will. With all this technology, all we have become is so many priests with iPhones.
  • Some would find true pleasure in letting an external authority, some Omnipotent Other, direct their lives. Why do we shame these people? Why is everyone encouraged to be an individual and carve their own life? There are many who can achieve this, but who are we to deny the other the relief of a walled garden?
  • You have to condition your girl to know that she doesn’t have a say in what you like sexually or what you want in life. She will stay with you forever.
  • Making a city well-lit, clean and safe for women dulls the mood of any city.
  • Analogies are not thinking.
  • The problem for weak men isn’t that only a few men can be strong and courageous, it’s that advertising sells us all the promise that everyone can be strong - an impossible, but a desirable goal. Again, consumerism is revealed to be the enemy.
  • The dirty spaces in this world are allowed to exist because to expunge them would turn humans into conscious trapped beasts. The prostitutes, the gangs, the paedophiles. All of these are controlled releases to distract us from the reality of living within a prison of the mind. Do we want freedom? No, that would be terrifying. And so the portals to sanctioned little dirty spaces exist for our sanity, even if we don’t use them. But look for the guards manning the gates.
  • “The ends never justify the means!” Really? Do you know when else we say the ends justify the means? In every decision we make, every day of our lives. It simply means you’re weighing the cost and benefits.
  • So, you’re going to be narcissistic? Fine. Let’s do it right. In every interaction with another human, first ask: what is about me that makes that person think they can do this? There’s your insight. There’s your safety. Will you change?
  • Most hurt is simply longing and desire. The real pain of our lives is actually rare. The stasis or good feelings outweigh the bad.
  • We have to consider that the Americans are the modern barbarians, the 21st century equivalent of Hunnic hordes. The US won WWII against the people striving to build the strong men. Perhaps we now live in the ruins of what could have been, telling ourselves lies about how great is this equality, when in fact we are all mediocre and the strong men are shunned.
  • Feminists are just female INCELs.
  • If the B in LGBT stands for bi-sexual doesn’t that mean even they think there are only two genders?

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