Tuesday, 5 June 2018

This isn’t persecution, it’s just business, baby

"What makes this audacious and unwanted encroachment on our right to speak and think freely all the more insidious is that this proposed ban on "disharmonious speech" would not apply equally to the criticism of all religions."
Stop it. The Human Rights Commission's new laws suggestions have NOTHING to do with free speech. You have to quit talking about it like this.

In order to see how the human rights movement has not only stalled but has become damaging for all of humanity, you have to consider how this looks from the perspective of the ethnic minorities. The Commission is doing such a disservice because they are taking their narcissism and repackaging it as a human rights issue. When I say narcissism, I mean systemic narcissism: the belief that your cultural history is the main character and all others are supporting cast.

My point isn’t that ethnic minorities don’t have legitimate gripes with the system, or that there isn’t racism still around, my point is that most of the good and righteous people think is “human rights” is really a work, a gimmick, a marketing scheme. It is straight up consumerism. Sure, I agree Christianity is being attacked. But it wasn’t being attacked like this 30 years ago. What happened in 1989 that could possibly have compelled the system to remove the dominance of one religion and start “protecting” all the others?

From the eyes of the global consumerist system, Christianity is a problem only insofar as it dominates all the shopping malls. When Christianity is the ink in the pen of all decisions, there’s no room left for “celebrating” the other religions by creating new holidays, encouraging gift buying/giving, supplying reasons for gluttonous and wasteful food eating and all the rest of the spend, spend, spend model. Global consumption can’t operate with just Christianity front-and-centre. Too few people are “celebrating” Christian holidays today because of that pesky atheism. That means companies have no way to increase consumption, so Christianity has gotta go.

There’s nothing left to squeeze from secularised, zombie Christianity. Everyone knows the Christmas tree comes from Pagan rituals. Same goes for the Easter Eggs, Santa, Winter Solstice, etc, etc. But no one has cared for almost 100 years because the system tells us it’s ok. Nothing to see here. Move on. Why get rid of Christianity when it could act as a perfect Trojan Horse to convince its pious hordes to part with their hard-earned cash, which is all They care about anyway. But now with the advent of globalisation, container shipping and the WorldWide Web, there’s a whole planet of rituals ripe for the Beast.

These people trying to “help” ethnic minorities are just the willing pawns of a consumerist system that treats everyone as equal – as batteries. Solidarity has been framed for them as ensuring as many people as possible can get money to buy stuff. To them, the only thing that matters is that people are “included,” not that they are free. When the system tells you what to do, you have no choice but to obey. Consumerism has already decided what ethnic minorities are worth, and the value is the same as yours – whatever you can consume/produce. What no one at the Commission understands is that their powers are on loan, they are a vassal, a tool.

What bothers me isn’t the laws. Rules change all the time, and besides, they’re just a piece of paper. No, what bothers me is how simple it was to get people from different places with a completely different history to accept consumerism, to give up their own system of repression in favour of a new one.

There’s your “human rights,” there’s your progress, catastrophically subverted from the outside in. But at least the duvets are warm.

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