Saturday, 5 May 2018

Why 'bitch' is the most important word

In the movie Master and Commander, one of Russell Crowe's officers walks around the ship trying to be friendly with the crew.

Crowe spots a crewman purposefully bumping into the officer, snatches him up and tells the mate to give him a set of lashes with the cat-o-nine-tales. Then he turns to the officer and says - I'm paraphrasing here - "let me tell you something, these dudes are not your friends. They want someone to lead them, but they want to be led by someone they believe in."

The reason men need to say "bitch" more often in a relationship is wrapped up in this scenario. There is no such thing as a 50/50 relationship. Women don't have the ability to lead because they don't want to lead. Where are they going to lead men to? What suggestion do they have for anything? They say they want "freedom, but everything they want is just what men already do. You never hear a feminist encourage other women to invent new institutions. All they want is to take control of the institutions already invented by men.

Women automatically expect men to respect them because they all have self-esteem issues. They don't know how to build respect. That's why they're not leaders. Women are good soldiers, but not good generals. They want a general they feel comfortable fighting for. Just like Crowe's sailors, women want to look at a guy and believe he will lead her where they both need to go. If he thinks the relationship is 50/50, the whole ship will sink.

Crowe doesn't call his crewmen by their names as though they're equal. He calls them officers, petty officers, shipmates, and all the rest. That's what the word "bitch" means. It recognises that any power women have over men is simply the power men let them have, just like on that ship. The word "bitch" represents something repugnant to women, but the fact is, I choose to say it or not, and there's nothing a woman can do about that.

"Bitch" reminds her that she doesn't get to decide how I see her. Any respectful thing I choose to say is because she's earned that respect. I must desire not to call her a bitch. Women are important, but they're not special. They are not automatically entitled to respect just because they have a vagina. Doors don't get held open, coats aren't placed over puddles, and I won't wrestle alligators to save your life. Respect comes from righteous desire. Her job is to make me not to want to call her a bitch.

Let's stick with the nautical theme for a bit.

A man's job is to convince a woman that she should be the female version of a shark. A lot of women don't like playing that role. They hate swimming in the wake of the male shark, even though that's how they both hunt and eat together. So instead of hanging out with male sharks, the female shark starts to hang around penguins, seals and walruses. All the animals that are afraid of her.

When the female shark approaches the penguin and bares its teeth, the penguin goes "oh no, this shark's gonna kill me!" But instead of eating the penguin, the female shark grabs it and whispers "you know I can kill you. You know I have power. But I will put you on my back as I swim around."

That's what happens when pretty women hunt for funny-looking or fat dudes. She can control the funny-looking dude with her cuteness because she thinks she's doing him a favour. The power in the relationship is entirely on her side, and she loves it - at first. But she inevitably gets tired of swimming around with this weak penguin and returns to find the male sharks, except with a new-found sense of confidence from hanging out with penguins.

But the male shark simply says, "where have you been? Let's go." And all her skills earned with the penguin mean nothing because during that limited time of "power" she only became better than weak penguins, not better than male sharks. The only way a shark relationship can survive is when the female shark submits to being a female shark. And she won't have a clue how to be a shark unless the male shark teaches her how to be a shark.

The word "bitch" is magical. It resets the power dynamics in a relationship. It represents the one thing a man has over women in this game: his physicality. Men should never conquer women with their physicality, they must conquer her with logic. Women want their man to be better than them but will always try to tear him down so they can be in control (which is what 50/50 really means). She knows, deep down, those female sharks are happiest when they swim behind male sharks, but she will always hate being a female shark.

All women know how to do is test you and try to win all the little moments. But men have to win those little battles in order to win the larger war - the relationship against the world. No matter how insignificant the battle is, he must win it so she can add an option to her life other than the victory that comes from simply having a vagina.

In these little battles, women are the terrorists and men are the CIA.

Terrorists don't take coffee breaks, so why should intelligence officers stop and take a break? Terrorists are out there figuring out how to kill us with orange juice and printer paper. They won't stop. The CIA is fighting people with an ideology of wanting to kill them and everything they represent. But all James Bond is doing is going to work. Women are like insurgents and the moment you feel like saying "I don't want to check for IEDs today, I'm tired" BOOM, you're a fingerless idiot.

You can't be tired. Women are the worst terrorists. They're brutal because they don't do this stuff maliciously. Testing, cutting and jabbing a man is just what they do. It's an organic, natural reflex. It's an instinctual punk-test. I don't know why you would, but if you decided to buy a pet rattlesnake rather than a dog, you should always remember that it might bite you eventually - even if you feed it every day - because that's just how rattlesnakes are.

When you stop saying bitch and get all lovey-dovey with your girl, you're pulling your fangs out thinking you can be happy by denying your male nature of wanting to hunt other women or challenges. Girls will relentlessly break a man down until he loves her in the way she loves him. She does this unconsciously because if she knew what she was doing, she would realise that by turning her man into a lovey-dovey, fangless shark, she's making him unattractive - to her! She was only attracted to him because of his masculinity, strength and control. If he starts to treat her as an equal or puts her on a pedestal, she can't love that and the whole relationship scuttles.

Hate is the same thing as love for a woman. If a relationship is to work, she must hate how much she loves you, and love how much she hates you. It's all the same thing: passion. If she looks at you thinking you're boring, she's already gone. Any relationship dies if the girl gives out her emotions frivolously to anyone. She must be selective with her emotions and you should be the receiver of them all.

Her terrorism will never stop. Don't get mad. Just use your logic to train her until she starts thinking: "Ok, is the shit I'm getting ready to do righteous, or is it another one of my stupid tests?" Men have to be diligent to combat a woman's hero story (to turn you from a beast into a prince). But don't blame her - it's never her fault. The abuse is part of her nature. But like the terrorists, as soon as you give her an inch, she'll take a mile and the ship won't have a clear Russell Crowe anymore.

The most important thing about saying "bitch" is that it denies a woman the power of her vagina. I know it's strange to talk about a body part like it's some reified character, but the vagina cannot have power over a man's life. As a man, you're better than the vagina. As a person, she might be fantastic. But as a man, you are better than her vagina. Saying bitch - and believing in that word - cancels that power. When a man finally understands this, it will be like the discovery of fire: everything else is possible because of it.

Most men won't say bitch because they fear what she might do. But let me ask you this: if she leaves you, what would you really miss about her? All the funny jokes? All the perfectly told stories? All the banter over a good Xbox game? Get real. You don't fear her leaving, you fear her having left.

The power of the vagina comes from a man's fear of being lonely, from the deep trick he plays on his own mind that his worth in this world is measured by the approval of a woman. But she's just a girl, and there are billions of them. Women are important, but no single female is special. You're better than the vagina.

If she leaves, you might think you'll miss the love, the routine and the hanging-out. But those are the things she convinced you were necessary parts of the relationship. Truth is, the only reason you're crying in the fetal position is arrogance and ego. You thought she was "yours." You must elevate away from seeing women as possessions. She's not "your girlfriend," she has a name. You haven't "got a girlfriend," you're seeing a girl. Rings are a symbol of ownership, don't wear them. Why else would a woman change her surname after a wedding?

Men have to get over this ego/possession nonsense.

Who cares if she has sex with another guy after a breakup? In fact, who cares if she has sex with another guy during a relationship? You don't own her sex. "But what about trust and respect?" We both know the only reason you're worried about "your" girl having sex with another dude is the fear that he'll expose your inadequate sex skills. Inadequacy for a man is always line #2 of every suicide note. Forget it. Ego must be carved out of your brain. All you need is a bone-saw and a good spoon.

It's the men that think the most important thing in a relationship is sex. A woman will always prioritise the security of a masculine, confident and reliable man over any 9-inch dick. Sure, she'll get pleasure out of another guy, but unless he supercedes all the other traits and love you manifest for her, the sex won't matter. It's not in her nature to hop from one guy to another.

Saying "bitch" is about leadership so a girl can say: "this guy is a winner." She doesn't need to know why she's thinking that and can hate you for making her think like that. But she has to see you as better than her. She wants to support a man she believes in. You can't let her terrorism win. It's impossible for a man to love a woman in exactly the same way she loves him.

There will always be a guy who is better than you at sex, conversation or whatever. But he will never matter - to her - if you've nailed the mind game and made yourself into a man she can look up to. Masculinity is an achievement. That's what women are looking for. Saying "bitch" is exactly what her tests are trying to prove. She wants you to stop saying it and prove you're masculinity is a fraud. But she needs your masculinity to be righteous and real, or she will leave to find someone who is.

I know some women feel like they want to control the relationship, but they're always miserable doing it. They have bought into the lie of individualism. Women will always want a winner, they don't want to win. They want a leader, they don't want to lead.

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