Friday, 25 May 2018

Thoughts on the system - 5

There’s no way to describe the system, the organism. Its vocabulary is grossly underwhelming. The following rough thoughts are an attempt to outline the unoutlineable:
  • Women ask society to rewrite its rules and expectations just so they can compete. Women need men to lower standards, increase incentives and change themselves just so women can get in the door. For what? Why does progress require women to work in a man's role? Do women not understand the difference between positive and negative freedom.?
  • Daniel Craig might not be able to beat up 10 guys, but there are men who could. Yet there hasn't been a female in the history of humankind who could beat up multiple men. We all know movies are fake. The problem is that women don't know how to be strong as women, so they try to mimic what guys think is cool and it just comes off as pretentious.
  • People look for love if they feel incomplete.
  • What if all the bad things are actually brief injections of future super-advanced minds back into our present simulation to "see what happens"? People say, "I don't know what came over me" after they blew up. What if that's just a future simulation controller dipping into our reality like we can with video games, messing some shit up, before jumping back out again? Why do moments feel so out of our control if we have free-will?
  • In mass shootings, the framing is always about the shooter's background. He went to this school, was rejected, was a homeschooler, a Christian, a Muslim, an [insert politician] supporter. It's all the same thing: the environment is the person. Therefore, if the system can be tweaked just right, then people can be made, not born. The essence of totalitarianism.
  • Everyone has heard the joke about the two great misconceptions at a wedding: The groom assumes the bride will not change, while the bride assumes she can change the groom. 
  • A mother's love is unconditional; a father's love must be earned. 
  • The Greco-Roman empires flat out won history. Everybody else is along for the ride.
  • The more progressive the writer the more they think only white people have agency. Others are simply acted upon and prevented from flowering like the lilies of the valley.
  • The more you protest and resist a thing the more power you bestow upon it. Escape lies in presenting a better option.  
  • A limited constitutional monarchy must be a place where the hereditary principle is replaced by a shareholder principle. Some people would prefer a kibbutz, an Islamic state, etc. But the world is large enough for all different versions. It's too small for just one. 
  • You probably associate democracy with peace, freedom, progress and prosperity. I associate democracy with war, tyranny, destruction and poverty.
  • I am not a believer in conscious malice. Not that it doesn't exist, but the majority of evil is done by people who are sincere and well-intentioned.
  • Is it really the case that the political system of the West is responsible for these comfortable lifestyles? Or is the technology more important? Science was much more innovative and impressive when it wasn't a servant of the State. The science and technology today was made possible because the great insights were conducted before the rise of the democratic State. 
  • Stability is under-appreciated, especially by those who enjoy its benefits. 
  • Theologically, the idea of immaculate conception tears down the edifice of Christian moral logic, such as it is. Why not just make all conceptions immaculate instead of crucifying Jesus?
  • Why don't women defend themselves? Why do they blame everything on men? Women hate sexual assault, but always want men to save them. They aren't willing to carry a gun.
  • Any social battle always boils down to men fighting over access to the most valuable women. And, I might add, white women are always the most valuable. Given the choice, powerful men do not want women who have too much melanin. It's always the blondes. Why? Because the default is white. All others are seen as runners-up running towards being white, even by those who aren't white. Narcissism requires aspiration, and aspiration depends on an unachievable goal.
  • When you take your shoes off at the airport, you are submitting to a higher authority. So much for atheism. You believe the idiots behind the counter have the competence to handle the taking off of shoes and all that activity indicates.
  • Never let losers have power. They don't know how to be powerful. Only naturally strong people know what it feels like to wield power. A loser given power will only remember what it was like not to have power and will spend the rest of their life enacting revenge.
  • Weak people rebel when a system removes their allocated power, or if it requires them to change. Strong people create new systems.
  • The fear of death means some people will act against the system just to be remembered. When the system was oppressive, some wanted to free the world. When freedom reigns, now they break things. It's all the same thing: lack of self-driven purpose.
  • As forced equality grows, we do not rise in status because others simply come down. Group connection is secured not by effort but because a person is lifted out by an authority figure. There is no greater praise than the gaze of a tyrant.
  • "You've got to stop this nightmare" is a terrible thing to say to a position of authority. You are asking the system to change itself, to deny itself power. The only way to win is not to play. The problem isn't the lesson, the problem is the school.
  • Propaganda doesn't teach us what to think, it teaches us how to act.
  • The system perpetuates because the accuser never gets the details exactly correct. He always attaches crazy parts to his theory. While he says 1+1=2, he is sticking marbles up his ass. 1+1 might equal 2, but the system cannot be revealed because of those marbles. That's enough for people to shrug their shoulders and walk away.
  • "It's like everyone's in a trance." But everyone is already in a trance - they're speaking English, wearing jeans, driving on the right side of the road, etc. Your problem is that the trance isn't controlled by you.
  • What does it mean to attach a symbol to yourself? Just because you're dressed differently doesn't make you an individual.
  • "Think for yourself? Don't follow a leader?"We are told to embrace true freedom, to become individual, but it's too terrifying. People want to be told what to do so badly, they'll listen to anyone.
  • She will ask "why are we like this?" and spend the rest of her life in a flat circle. The only question that matters is: "what next?"
  • He wonders why others saw him as a threat, but he should only ask what it was about him that let others think they could bully him.

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