Monday, 29 January 2018

The Beast

Are we retiring the phrase “sticks and stones will break my bones”? Can no one be offended or offensive anymore? First, they killed god, now they want to destroy context?!


I have a prediction for the #MeToo movement: We're going to see a wave of new gender quotas on the back of the assumption that if we don't already have proportional representation of men and women in the workplace it's because of the patriarchy and harassment, which is simply not the case.

What we're actually seeing is sexual liberation having a nervous breakdown. Before sexual liberation in the 1950s, there was a set of traditional norms set up over thousands of years that recognised the basic truth that men and women are different. This isn't a social construction. Men and women have different drives and libidos. The norms restrained the male libido through psychology-capture tools such as gentlemanliness, courtesy and chivalry. And females had a default for premarital sex of "no." They didn't even have to say it.

This gave females the power to say yes but also meant they didn't have to negotiate with the male libido at every instance of a drunken coupling. Sexual liberation threw that all out and said women should be free to compete directly with the male libido on the sexual battlefield. It also creates a default assumption that the sexes are equal in their desires and in their responses to casual sex.

But it turns out when you set the default for premarital sex at "yes," a lot of women have a hard time negotiating "no." Instead of recognising that we've screwed up the default settings of society under the guise of "liberation" and are working against the nature of reality, women now blame the patriarchy for their misery when the opposite is the case. The #MeToo movement simply proves that women do not know what they want.

Is that hate speech?


How about this: I endorse hate speech. I want hate speech.

Why can’t I hate people? I don't want people to like me if they don't. But at the same time, I'm not suggesting they beat me up because of that hate. I just think they should be allowed to hate, just as I should be allowed to hate them. In fact, I should be allowed to hate everybody and say anything I want about anyone. People keep saying this is a free society, so let's see some evidence of it.

All I'm saying is I have theories, opinions and ideas. I want to talk about them without being called an anti-this or an anti-that and be thrown out of public life. The death of context is scary, deflating and it makes me furious, lonely and helpless. People can't talk honestly these days if they want to earn a dollar. We're all letting context be destroyed as the new power consolidates their control. Anyone who's done it before knows thinking is a messy business. But now we're not even allowed to slip up when we practice our ideas?

The crushing of speech sets people up to accept a world in which there are those qualified to have an opinion and those who aren’t. The person saying a fact makes it a fact because the person talking is more important than what’s being said. Having an opinion is the sole purview of those who are intellectually qualified to have an opinion. This isn't a black and white world. It's not even grey. This is a world of yellow.

I get it: persuasion is the only weapon that can make a difference. And to persuade, first, you must control the conversation. But how is that a society worth living in? Are people's water-balloon theories so fragile that they can't withstand testing by someone with a pin? Are you so weak that you have to force me not to hate you just so you can feel good about yourself?


What about this: I think being gay is a sexual preference, a lifestyle, not a biological reality. Why is being gay a lifestyle, but tying up a girl is called a fetish? What's the difference? Why can't I have that conversation?

Gayness doesn't bother me, but gay people want me to accept their agenda. In my mind, that means everyone's sexual thing should be accepted. What if I like tying girls up? The gays get to have a flag. Shouldn’t I be able to display my preference with some type of flag too? Maybe I’m tired of hiding and I want everyone to know I like tying girls up. Perhaps I want to fight for our right to tie each other up and get married to others like me. It's just sexual preference.

And here's my stance on abortion: kill your baby. I don't care. But don't say it's a "woman's body." You're not special. Just because your body is housing the baby right now doesn't make you special. The baby-creating process is special, but as a woman, you're not special. Go ahead and have an abortion, but I still think you're killing another human.

Am I saying hate speech? If I am, then try to change my mind. Don't force me to go along with your agenda. Don't force me not to hate you. Maybe I am a homophobe, a misogynist or whatever - but so what! I should be able to say what I want. They shouldn't be allowed to kill context.


I can feel you pull away when I say "they." Like there's a select group of people who get to decide what people can and can't think. That seems strange to most people who have grown up in a world where there is no "they," no meaning, no teleology in the universe. People don't like answering to a “them” when no one knows who they are. But you're missing the point: power doesn't care.

There is a "they." It's the Beast. Consumerism. It's the sum of individual, narcissistic vectors pointing in different directions. It's the system. Look out the window.

The Beast is eating everybody. But can you see the never-ending line of people hoping to earn $3 million a week while being chewed up and shit out? They wait patiently because when you get in the belly of the Beast it feels good, you're shining. People see you. It’s so intoxicating. People scream your name at parties and you get to sit in seats so close to the game that you have to move your feet in case you trip the players. We're all standing in line because we let the Beast eat us. We want to be batteries.

But no one seems to care that batteries get replaced all the time. Once you're no longer useful for the Beast, it'll cast you aside. You might still get invited to parties, but it won’t feel like it’s your day anymore. The stars won’t align in the same way. The Beast will tell people who to hate and who to love. Yet they get back in line to be swallowed up again and again. It’s insanity.

Everything you learn about the Beast slices away a little bit of the fun of living in this world. It rots you. Being a businessman means changing yourself into an awful person who can chop heads. There are no ethics in business, and certainly no morals. The whole point is to find new ways to take the money from that person's pocket and put it in yours.

Business doesn't care about you, it only cares about what you can do for it. Think about it. Cigarette companies still exist. Don't let the "social" enterprises fool you. They're just a smokescreen. The Beast never thinks of you as an individual. To paraphrase Don Draper, the Beast never thinks of you at all.

You're an idiot for having humanity or dignity in this game. You're an idiot if you have a philosophy to live by. You're an idiot if have loyalty to someone. Anything you do that makes you a decent person is a terrible idea. I get the shakes when random people say "good job" about something I wrote. Don't they realise I'm anti-you? But that's the game and I'm an idiot for not playing it.


Sometimes the best way to think about how society works is to study micro-societies. Let's use prison.

There’s no rogue, lonely gunslinger in prison. Everyone must be affiliated with a cartel. You can’t expect inmates to leave you alone to read gun books and chill out. You have to join. If you don’t, someone will rape you because you have no protection, no cartel. Yet even if you’re in a cartel, it’s not a free ride. You start to work up a debt. And one day you’re going to have to pay what you owe.

In the movie, the Godfather is asked for favours all the time, and he'll do it, but when he needs something from you he'll come and get what he needs. You'll owe him for your career, life, family - everything. Years might go by, but one day you'll hear a knock on the door. If you're lucky, maybe all you owe is to fix up the Godfather’s son after he was shot in a gang fight. But if he tells you to put a pill in the president’s drink at the state dinner, you have to say yes or he'll kill your whole family. Sure, you might get caught and go to jail, but at least your wife and kids will be ok.

Now think about your job. There is no such thing as a gift in this world. Promotions mean someone else lost, events aren't free, bonuses aren't because your boss likes you, raises always have strings attached, etc. Maybe it feels like your career is zooming. You're not an amazing worker, but "they" don't fire you. But deep down you know you didn't work hard enough for these rewards. Since anxiety is the only emotion that never lies, you should focus on that feeling.

Now you owe. One day when you screw up, whoever has been "protecting" you or pushing the dogs away from your terrible track record, will come knocking to cash that debt. If they made you, they can break you. It'll work every time because when you get a taste of the money but no access to the capital, you are easily seduced by the Beast.


Prison is prison because life is a prison, but at least in life, you're free to walk into new prisons. What cartel have you joined in this world-prison?

Gay people have a powerful cartel. Jews have different levels of cartels. Transgender people have cartels. Women have cartels. There are cartels in media, advertising, movies, bricklaying, busking, downhill mountain biking, conservation, politics, music, government, military and everything in between. In all of them, who you are matters more than what you say. And what you owe matters more than what you want. There is always someone watching, waiting for you to screw up so they can force you to put a pill in the president's drink.

Some cartels are worse than others. At least with low to mid-level Jews, if you’re making money, they’ll mostly leave you alone. They don't really care about what you say and don’t need you to join their religion or give anything aside from what you owe. But from what I've seen with the gay cartel, you have to go to the parties, attend the marches and believe everything they believe. And if you step out of line, they’ll grab and use you and will let you know when the debt is paid off. At that point, the only thing that matters is how your image can be repackaged to convey the correct message to everyone else standing in line to get chewed up.

Here's my advice: If you’re hooked in with a cartel, and you feel like the fishing line is playing out suspiciously long, just know that your debt is rising. When they pay you big sums of money (always less than the profit you make for them) they're not paying you to work for them, they're paying you not to work for anyone else, that's called controlling the capital. That's the game. It’s not hypocrisy because that’s a human thing. It's cartel behaviour, it's meta-human, it's the Beast.

But people love seeing themselves in the way the Beast sees them. They'll walk around with confidence when the Beast tells them they're awesome and get depressed when it sends someone over to knock on the door.  Either way, when the system tells you what to do, you have no choice but to obey.

If you're going against the system, you have to mean what you say. Don't say things frivolously and make sure you righteously tell the truth about what you see. Above all, make sure you don't owe.

Welcome to the Beast, no one said it would be fair, in fact, no one said a damn thing. They just showed you the pictures on the TV commercials and we inferred the rest.

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