Saturday, 9 December 2017

Thoughts on the system - 4

There’s no way to describe the system, the organism. Its vocabulary is grossly underwhelming. The following rough thoughts are an attempt to outline the unoutlineable:

  • Rape assumes inherent value not just of the object being desired, but in the system that provides it. Consumerism has eaten sex. Remove value in sex, and you will remove the problem of women as sex objects.
  • Women want the option of being able to either transcend their sexual objectification or regress to it at will to get what they want. They don't like being seen as a sexual object but also need to know they can be seen in this way when it suits their power-needs. As Mignon McLaughlin said: "It upsets women to be, or not to be, stared at hungrily."
  • "Isn't it bad how people in power abuse their positions to rape women?" is literally understood as: "this is what power looks like." The same thing happens with the use of a beautiful woman to sell a car. The sexual exploitation debate is the go-to yelling fest. But the hidden message is: "this is what a beautiful woman looks like." So you are forced to debate the contents of the ad only after accepting the form of the question.
  • Abuses of power are being limited to certain instances, and nothing else besides. If power abuse is the sexual exploitation of women, for instance, then it logically follows that women aren't capable of the abuse of power. The trick is not the logical fallacy, the trick is the distraction by omission. Highlighting certain types of power abuse allows other types to be obscured, such as enforcement of speech-codes, limits to speech, outlawing of services or goods, etc. or deemed "not a priority right now."
  • Society is not moving decisively away from men. The only reason women are allowed into male-dominated roles is that men let them. This social system benefits those who can muster the most people. Civil rights movements did not win against the system, they were used by the system, which explains why an "enemy" ideology got space on newspaper headlines. It also explains why more white men aren't saying "shut up," because the present system still mostly benefits them.
  • Presenting superficial rights to marginalised people was the easiest way for white men to both make more profit and stay/get in power. Women are allowed to become police or enter parliament because of the restraint of men. A freed slave only transfers her ownership to the new master. The door was opened because white men wanted it open. I have never heard a woman or a non-white person ask: "hey, why did they let so many of us in?"
  • The media encouragement of house buying must be suspicious. Media never assists the individual. So the question: "why can't young people buy housing" can be flipped over to the redacted obverse as: "since it is a fact that young people need houses, why can't they afford them?" Do you see? In arguing about house prices, all your energy is spent debating the form of the question, not the force of the question.
  • Suburbia from a power perspective is the spreading out of people so they don't gell and talk about regime change. Those who live in close proximity interact consciously closing spaces of control to the state. In close proximity, citizens can talk openly and freely without the prism of state-sanctioned symbols and signs. Encouraging house purchases over other living arrangements is the destruction of heterotopias.
  • Similarly with public transport and, soon, automated vehicles. In China, private car ownership was illegal until 1994. Why? The car is the most impressive symbol of personal freedom ever invented, in a specific form: spontaneous freedom. Regimented and sterile public transport systems atrophy spontaneity, and ultimately creativity, and therefore the ability to outwit the system.
  • Inside every revolutionary lurks a Puritan.
  • Progressives are the new Christians. The only difference is they don't believe in Jehovah (they still believe in god, it's just an enslaved god who always rules in their favour). Progressives are not atheists. They are humans with the same gene-deep instinct to see and believe in the Omnipotent Other. Progressivism is the American (original) version of Communism. American Communism defeated old Christianity in the 20th century. American Communism is the default mode of government for the entire planet.
  • Progressivism's major beliefs are egalitarianism, pacifism, communitarianism. These are straight out of Mr Christ's teachings in the Gospels. Echoes of these views can be found in Arian, Arminian, Pelagian and many other heresies over the years. It is unclear why, just because it incorporates science, this new version should suddenly be treated as the only exception to the lineage of the Christian ideal in Western history.
  • Progressive Christianity isn't just in control of the West. It's in control of the entire planet. For instance, "moderate Muslims" are just Unitarians with Islamic characteristics ("hey, they're not so different from us after all!" Yeah, why do you think that is?)
  • The problem isn’t progressives, the problem is that old Christianity so completely failed to teach and understand their own religion that they couldn’t even recognise an in-group competitor when it appeared.
  • When a father's "rages" are unpredictable or unrelated to how bad the behaviour was, the kid learns that right and wrong are less important than handling the reactions of those who see it. The lesson is that appearances are more important than substance. This is how narcissists are made.
  • Coveting possessions is unhealthy. All computers are mine. In fact, everything in shops is already mine. They're just in long-term, free storage. When I want to take something out of storage, I pay for the storage costs for that particular thing up to that point, plus a nominal shipping fee and my things are delivered to me so I can use them. When I am done, I return them to storage via TradeMe and I am given a fee as compensation for freeing up the storage facilities resources. This is also the case with all of my stuff Amazon and the brick-and-mortar retailers are holding for me. I have antiques, priceless art, cars, estates and jewels beyond the dreams of avarice. The world is my museum, displaying my collections on loan. They are merely curators, just as I am the curator of their things, and thus together we share the world.
  • Every time we come up with a strategy or an ideology to counter consumerism, it eats it and sells the skeleton back to us. Witness all the Che Guevara t-shirts.
  • Consumerism must be fought obliquely by focusing on the future. But not your future. Your great-grandchildren’s future because compound interest rules the universe. The point of working is to ensure your grandchildren live better than you. Everyone says “life is short, live for the now” but this is how you allow yourself to become a battery. Calculate how much money you will accrue in 100 years with a deposit of $1000 at 6% interest and tell me you wouldn’t have wanted your grandfather to do that for you. Who cares if you won’t be around to enjoy it!? You aren’t the point, your future family is the point.
  • Consumerism is a systemic tool to transfer wealth into new pockets. An aristocracy based on this system is inevitable because someone always figures out how to use compound interest. If everyone is "trading up" on new desirable goods, then they aren’t storing wealth and competing for control of the capital. There are people trained to have these thoughts and people trained not to have these thoughts. Which one are you?
  • The only way to win is not to play. When you see something you like, look at it, understand what it is about you that likes the trinket, and with hands firmly in pockets, turn around and walk away. You can visit it at any time. You don't need it at your house. Money equals time. Which means you are spending pieces of your life. Don’t waste time/money letting consumerism turn you into a battery.
  • The real fight with the system is the one happening inside your anxious mind. The thought process: "Since everything can be enjoyed, why aren't I enjoying everything? It must be They's fault!" is toxicity defined. Not everything can be enjoyed. Not everything should be enjoyed. The system's goal isn't to make you happy; its goal is to make you happy right now, not in the next second. It is the creation of a void to fill with things and experiences because no one taught us how to want. How to be comfortable with lack. How to deal with delayed gratification. How to subsume suffering and tragedy.

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