Saturday, 9 December 2017

Thoughts on the system - 3

There’s no way to describe the system, the organism. Its vocabulary so grossly underwhelming. The following rough thoughts are an attempt to outline the unoutlineable:

  • If men have created institutions and banned women from them, then women should create their own institutions and ban men. When women fight for access into male realms, men simply see it as competition and fight back. And since men have been fighting over power in these institutions for millennia, not only will men ultimately win, they will make it look like women are "winning" even as shackles are being clapped to their wrists.
  • Men will always prefer to do business alongside other men. Putting a woman in a room of men always changes the group dynamics, and most men, even if they stay quiet, don’t like what it changes to. If this is social conditioning, then retrain the men. But if humans just like to mingle with others who look like them, then society needs to mirror that reality in the most benign way possible.
  • Some women are excellent at performing jobs that were created for and by men. But there isn't a woman on the planet who is more competent than the best man at performing a particular role.
  • Articles about sexual harassment are the system's way of pretending to care about females to keep them online and economically engaged; to keep them from thinking about exclusion and monopolisation. The consumerist system fears that women will simply put down their phones and move to "safer" places, away from where they can be monetised and enslaved - e.g. and i.e. off the internet. That would ruin the e-economy because women receive most of the clicks and do most of the clicking. The game is to ensure women are comfortable putting themselves online (for free).
  • Men are tapped out. Men have already put everything into the system: their identity, self-worth, their whole lives. But women still have some free space to capture. The system can't let that backslide.
  • No one cares about individual women, the system only cares about whether as a group they are moving in the required direction. It doesn't matter how fractionated the women become, only that a sufficient amount (ideally approaching 100%, but not necessarily) are corralled through the right gates.
  • If it’s true one sex will always naturally be better at something than the other sex, then isn’t there an economic opportunity there? Competition is for losers. Winners aim for monopoly. Women have skills and dynamics that simply aren’t available to men.
  • Friedrich Nietzsche wrote in The Will To Power: "they want everyone to grovel in abject submission before the greatest of all lies - the lie known as 'the equality of men' - and honour only the egalitarian virtues, the levelling virtues." If people are equal, then the bikini body shouldn't matter because men will find every body image equally sexually attractive. That's the "logic." But since men don't find every body type equally attractive, then it must be 4Chan's fault or Madison Avenue's fault or Playboy's fault or Photoshop's fault. This is madness.
  • The only time an ideal body image is relevant is when a woman is trying to attract a high-value man. If she just wants a lesser-value man, no one but other women can block her goal.
  • For an attractive woman, a university education lets you both pretend you married her for her smarts.
  • Female hatred for the bikini body type is identical to when a man says the rich and powerful are evil and/or gross because he is not rich and powerful. It is an inversion of virtues as an act of resentment. Since women are biologically attracted to resources and power, if he can trick women into valuing his mediocrity while devaluing successful men, then he will have a better chance of attracting a mate. Socialism, capitalism, libertarianism, etc. are at core about devaluing the status quo sexually successful. They are best seen as complex competition for scarce sexual resources.
  • The most heartfelt body image hatred always include demands for how society must be re-engineered so that, come the Revolution, the complainer herself will be considered hotter-looking.
  • What is a beta male? He is the kind of man who anxiously looks for something to identify him as a man while doing nothing to become a man. What is a beta female? She is the kind of woman who does nothing to transcend her sexuality to become more than an object.

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