Monday, 25 September 2017

Islam in the West: this isn't the apocalypse you're looking for

I was sent this Geert Wilders piece in response to a previous post about NZ politician Winston Peters.

Mr Wilders has been on my radar for years. His concerns about Islam competition are accurate and it would be a terrible idea to let it gain power. But the West isn’t going anywhere. And I can prove it.

First, Islam has fully absorbed progressivism. It’s important to remember that progressivism is best understood as “applied Christianity.” You can draw a straight line from Martin Luther to the Roundheads to the Puritans to Marx to FDR and finally to Obama. Progressivism is the most successful form of mainline Protestant Christianity (specifically, Unitarianism), although it has evolved away its belief in the transcendent.

Second, when Islam swallowed progressivism, it adopted the default position that terrorism is the correct procedure to advance its political goals. But terrorism only works to enhance democracy, not undermine it. Terrorism assumes that power can be manipulated if people are scared by assuming that the people are the ultimate arbiters of power. Terrorism cannot work in a strong monarchy, for instance, because the king doesn’t care what his subjects think and the people have no access to policy-making. So, if terrorism is working (which it is in the Netherlands), then we can safely say democracy is getting stronger, not weaker.

Third, Mr Wilders cites a figure of 11% of Dutch Muslims are “happy to use violence on behalf of their religion.” I suspect a third of those respondents are full of shit and wouldn’t lift a finger (most male threats are just posturing), and a further third would only commit violence if it was already being done and they could get away with it. That leaves 3.6% willing to initiate violence. Sure, that’s not zero, but intelligence and law enforcement should be able to monitor them. And violence is a young man’s game. That 3.6 % will soon be too old to explode anything.

Fourth, Mr Wilders forgets about the 89%. If you ask them whether human rights are a good thing, the environment should be protected, democracy is a good idea, if sexual equality is useful, etc, the 89% would probably all agree. Sure, they might have caveats, but so do most Sikhs and no one complains about them. Because 89% of Muslims in the Netherlands agree with default Western assumptions, this proves Islam has been captured by progressivism’s single, overarching concept of what it means to live a good life. “Moderate Muslims” actually means “Unitarian Muslims.” Moderate Muslims are just progressives with Islamic characteristics.

Furthermore, if the 89% actually believe in core Islam, they would act like AQ, ISIS or the Islamic Republic of Iran (although Iran is getting more Western each day). Since one million people are not blowing themselves up in Dutch shopping centres and go to work in Western businesses, send their children to Western schools, learn English, read English media, use social network accounts, wear jeans, etc, etc, we can conclude 89% of Muslims are not Muslim at all. The game of power suggest the powerful use every means possible to defeat their enemies, the more effective of which is to convert or alter the psychologies of their enemy.

Fifth, there are two ways of avoiding the “collapse of Western civilisation,” a) return to the Westphalian model of classical international relations, or b) reinforce Western institutions. I prefer the former, but I’d be happy with the latter. To succeed with (b), we need Western repeater institutions (NGOs, transnational corporations, universities, media and the internet) to do their job. Their proper role is first to maintain the Western concept and to make money second. Propaganda only cares about how you act, not what you think. Did you vote on Saturday? Then propaganda has successfully told you how to act. It doesn't matter who you vote for, only that you limit your political action to voting.

Sixth, repeater institutions can only function if the operators believe in the concept they are repeating. That’s where Mr Wilders fails. He thinks Christianity itself is being expunged and replaced by Islam. Yet he forgets that Christianity is not monolithic. Mr Wilders is correct that traditional, God-fearing Christianity is under attack. It has been bashed, slapped and kicked around for more than 150 years. But the attacker is progressivism, not Islam. When progressives talked about “changing” the system in the 1960s, for instance, they really meant “take power of” that system. And they have been entirely successful, especially with capturing the repeater institutions (see above).

Seventh, if you’re worried about Islam, then go outside and change the psychologies of immigrants yourself. Don’t wait for the institutions. Invite Muslims over for dinner. Send them Christmas gifts. Set them up with an NZ Herald or NBR subscription. Give them a library card. Drive them to poll booths. Get them welfare. Buy them a TV or a computer. Enrol them at a university. Buy them deodorant to smell sexy. Take them to the bar. Help them set up a private car loan. Immerse them in every subtle form of Western social signposting and control as possible until their default assumptions about the world harmonise with the overarching concept of the good life – ours.

We’ve been doing exactly this for centuries, by the way. Islam has no chance because 89% of its adherents already believe in Western ideals. Anybody who says they’re concerned about the “End of the West” is immediately outed as old-power Christians. They are fighting a war that ended long before they were born.

Mr Wilders’ problem is he doesn’t see progressivism as the natural successor of mainline Protestant Christianity. The true enemy of the progressives is traditional Christianity because its remnants still prowl the edges (progressives euphemistically call them “Nazis,” but what they really mean is old-power Christians). Islam is being used by progressives to undermine, contain and break apart traditional Christianity. The real fight has always been between and amongst versions of Christianity. This is just another skirmish in the battle between Roundheads and Cavaliers.

Traditional Christianity has been defeated. If Mr Wilders worries about losing his civilisation by worrying about the decline of church attendance, for instance, he’s about 70 years too late. He needs to accept specific doctrinal defeat and switch to support the new model of Christian power if he actually wants to defend anything.

Christianity is in control of the whole damn planet. It’s time we all understood that.

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