Thursday, 20 October 2016

The warning behind veteran suicides

When progressives cry crocodile tears complaining about the shocking lack of US government assistance for its veterans, they should look in the mirror. Almost every single one of those suicides is their responsibility.

The reason those warfighters survive all the way through combat - sometimes fighting for years in multiple tours - only to return home and kill themselves is a direct result of the message those terrible progressives spout every day. Soldiers are supposed to protect a society. They are tools of a particular in-group of people calling themselves American or Kiwi or Pakistani hoping to stay alive in a world cold and unforgiving, to defend themselves in a universe full of other groups of people hoping not only to take their resources but hopefully their lives.

So when a soldier returns to their precious group only to be told everything they love is horrific and should never have existed in the first place, what other conclusion should the soldier draw? Clearly, the people for whom they trudged through mud and bodies do not want them to live any more. Their own tribe hasn't the remotest shred of respect for the job they undertook. This is not speculation on their behalf, it is the words their culture writes and yells all day, every day.

Seeing half your friend's face blown off by shrapnel or picking up an officer's scorched finger after a particularly brutal IED attack vaporised the rest of what was once his body damages a soldier's mind beyond recognition. Sometimes it would have been better for that soldier to have entered oblivion as well next to the discarded sergeant than be tortured by the sights and memories for the rest of his miserable life. But it doesn't have to be this way, he thinks. At least society back home, the one which sent him on this mission in the first place, is willing to embrace. Some solace and psychic reconciliation are waiting, tools to fight off his dripping demons, genuine smiles from passersby could all remind the soldier their every step while deployed was for the greater good. That it meant something. That he was connected to an entity larger than himself.

In my darker moments, I suspect the suicide of soldiers in numbers dwarfing even the combat deaths of the past decade is precisely the desired outcome of the people tearing down the society they so hypocritically claim to "love." Those soldiers were raised on the idea, rightly or wrongly, of an ethically superior and morally good in-group of people, their kin. They made a critical decision to join the military because they thought it would help protect that wonderful patch of the world.

And now every person sitting comfortably in positions of influence, and all the pieces of their friends and family, tell them the moment they return how soldiers are scum for being part of "illegal" wars or take any opportunity to rip their world apart in a gleeful frenzy of self-righteous religious fervour, parading their suicidal death-cult idea of progressive multiculturalist nonsense as a snark centimeters from the soldier's perplexed face. The people, lucky and spoiled by never having to hear the crack of a growling bullet or smell the evil mix of faeces and dark arterial blood, mock that soldier with the self-flagellation of some narcissistic post-Christian guilt complex.

Falling back into this universe, soldiers are expected to hold onto their miserable lives while the revolting society to which they return spits insult on the very idea of them.

And their suicides are somehow confusing?

It is 70 years since the US accidentally inherited a bipolar superpower world. It is 25 years since the US found itself surprisingly alone with a global empire it did not ask for. It is 10 years since Mark Steyn wrote America Alone warning of the Western desire for self-immolation. If the US expects schoolchildren in 300 years to agree that, as far as empires go, the US wasn't too bad, then it needs to comprehend that staying alive requires a willingness to actually stay alive.

In the cutthroat world of geopolitics, responsibility is synonymous with power. You cannot have responsibility over something without the power to effect its very existence. If the US is going to run this empire in a responsible manner, it cannot continue with this post-Christian, guilt-ridden, excuse of an ideology. The navel-gazing of believing all humans are equal and will eventually "come around" to your way of thinking if only you speak softly and discard the big stick leads down a path towards a cliff. Soldiers are already walking off that cliff in their thousands because they are rejected by the society they love. An empire cannot be defended without soldiers.

I'm sure there's a philosopher I can quote here, but in this instance, I'll choose Maynard:

Help me understand why
You've given in to all these
Reckless dark desires you're
Lying to yourself again
Suicidal imbecile
You're pounding on a fault line
What'll it take to get through to you precious
Over this, why do you
Wanna throw it away like this
Such a mess, well I don't wanna watch you

Disconnect and self-destruct one
Bullet at a time
What's your rush now? Everyone will have his day to die

Medicated, drama queen
Picture perfect, numb belligerence
Narcissistic, drama queen, craving fame and all its decadence

They were right about you

Deference and mercy are the hallmarks of only strong powers. Weak powers see their mercy as virtuous when their opponents see only subjugation. The Arabs say "a falling camel attracts many knives." So do not think for a moment the rest of the planet thinks self-censorship, increased liberalism and pathetic apologies will stop them from wrenching from the West's feeble fingers the society we built over millennia. As I've pointed out many times, complex societal systems can only be destroyed in two ways: either by direct force of arms or if that society itself forgets how to maintain the machinery of its institutions.

Speaking of soldiers, in the ancient world during battle, the real killing only began in earnest once one side broke and ran. The author Lt. Col. Dave Grossman wrote in his masterpiece On Killing that there's nothing quite like seeing the backs of an enemy's head to stir the bloodlust. No human looks kindly on a kneeling opponent. Regardless of the ethics of the message recited by the prostrated, humans know that actual power can only ever be taken. Any power given is no power at all.

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