Friday, 30 September 2016


Blah blah blah look at me drone on endlessly for 1000 words blah blah redundant redundant redundant redundant blah blah token link to the first result in a google search of whatever I'm blathering on about.

ha ha setup the funny joke typo typo grammar error used which instead of that used that instead of which agonised over it and still got it wrong back to main point blah blah blah punch line back to point blah self-doubt blah blah forgot to include the word 'not' in the sentence and now it reads like I agree with the thing I'm disagreeing with blah redundant blah copy paste error blah too insecure about my writing to ever proofread or revise so i just plow on through blah blah

begin substantive paragraph awkwardly and without transition blah blah self-doubt gives way to self-loathing i wish i knew how to write blah blah i wish i was better looking and more charming in person blah no one will read this because they hate me blah blahdie blah blah who the fuck is going to read a post with so many blahs in it blah blah i wish i was dead blah blah here's where I rage rage and rage against the dying of the long forgotten light blah blah ruin a famous quote with my hamfisted paraphrasing blah blah should have just made a two-line joke about a pants monster and moved on oh well too much invest in this now to delete it blah blah God so many typos cut-and-paste and grammar mistakes what the hell is wrong with me

i'm tired blah blah i'm hungry blah blah i think I'll just end this now blah blah I meant the comment blah not my life blah not yet anyway blah

token poignant ending sentence blah blah i should have my fingers severed and my blog revoked


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