Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Israel-Palestine talks end without agreement

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (seated)
A US deadline for peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Territories has come to and end April 29 without the two sides reaching any new agreement, BBC reported…Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said April 26 he will pursue further peace talks with Israel…During the recently announced plan to form a unity government between the Fatah and Hamas, Mr Abbas agreed to recognise Israel in order to re-start peace talks and denounced the holocaust as “the most heinous crime”…Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was unconvinced with Mr Abbas’s conciliation, saying “it doesn’t make sense to negotiate with the enemy” referring to Hamas…The United States is maintaining an optimistic outlook for the talks but the negotiations are showing serious signs of wear…A proposal to unify Fatah and Hamas undermines future talks and makes it very unlikely the talks will continue after April 29…Israel is not going to negotiate with the Palestinian government so long as Hamas is involved, but the reality on the ground may force them back to the table…They will need to wait for the final framework of the Palestinian government…But bringing Fatah and Hamas together will not be easy as there is a lot which could still go wrong…If they can reconcile, it will do much to shape the policies of many countries around the Middle East.

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