Wednesday, 22 January 2014

In Iran, nuclear enrichment suspended amid worry of agreement backtracking

Iran on January 20 stopped production of 20 percent-enriched uranium, bringing into effect an interim deal with world powers on Tehran's nuclear program, an official for Iran's Atomic Energy Organization told the official IRNA news agency, AFP reported...According to the IAEA, uranium enrichment has been suspended at the Natanz centrifuges...This first part of the nuclear deal agreed to in Geneva, was meant to begin in December but was delayed when an Iranian official announced January 14 Tehran’s intention to build more nuclear enrichment plants...Iran will also resume exporting oil and petrochemicals as existing sanctions are temporarily apprehended... Nothing in the November text compels Iran to dismantle their nuclear plants, and both Israel and some former IAEA inspectors warn that Iran remains capable of creating enough highly enriched nuclear material in as little as three weeks should it choose...Suspending the uranium enrichment is only one part of the interim agreement, Iran has already given some serious reasons to doubt their commitment to the nuclear deal...Negotiations may now begin on a longer-term agreement, which will be more difficult to reach...US President Barack Obama may experience so much controversy in Washington with the deal that there may be more sanctions against Iran in the future unless Tehran can show it remains committed to the Geneva talks...Therefore completing the deal is still an unknown outcome for both sides.

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