Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Hezbollah clashes with pro-regime Shiite forces in Syria

Several militants were killed in clashes between Hezbollah and the Shiite pro-regime Abu al-Fadl Abbas Brigade, Now Media reported November 12, citing a November 11 report by the Saudi Al-Watan newspaper...Hezbollah members reportedly described the Abu al-Fadl Abbas fighters as mercenaries...Clashes between loyalist forces in Syria are unusual...Hezbollah have publically disparaged the brigade’s behaviour in the past, calling it thuggish...If the reports are accurate - coming as they are from a Saudi newspaper with incentive to embellish any news negative to Syrian President Bashar al Assad - they might point to breaks appearing in the regime ranks...Multiple Shiite groups operate in Syria, and not all of them cooperate, so clashes could be possible even while motivation for the arguments are presently unknown...But unless more skirmishes occur in the near future, this incident will remain an isolated event and probably not undermine the Syrian regime’s strategy...Pro-regime forces in Syria will be fighting in close proximity potentially for years to come, so clashes like this will be relatively common.

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