Friday, 25 October 2013

Tunisian Islamists look to undermine negotiations

Tunisian security forces found an unexploded car bomb October 24 at the site of a deadly clash between police and suspected jihadists, Interior Ministry spokesman Mohamed Ali Aroui said, AFP reported...The October 23 incident in the region of Sidi Bouzid left six policemen and one militant dead....Elsewhere, protesters in the Tunisian town of Kef burned the office of the country's ruling Ennahda party, Al-Arabiya reported October 24, citing an AFP photographer...Protesters in the capital, Tunis, called for the Cabinet to resign on October 23, and the opposition Salvation Front called for more protests October 24...And earlier, seven Tunisian policemen were killed October 23 during clashes with militants, Reuters reported October 24...The Tunisian government is cracking down on Islamist militants who are receiving weapons and training in Libya...Islamists in Tunisia are attempting to exploit the political chaos in the country...Talks are under way between Islamists and opposition parties to end the political stalemate, and such attacks sow unrest among the various parties wanting to take control of the country...While the attacks may offer leverage for the talks for the Islamist groups, they could end up undermining the Islamists long-term goals be alienating the very people from whom they rely on for support.

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