Friday, 25 October 2013

Israel targets Hezbollah arms shipment

Israeli jets on October 21 bombed a shipment of arms headed for Hezbollah militants along the Lebanese-Syrian border, an Israeli source said, Now Media reported October 23, citing the Al-Jarida newspaper...The shipment consisted of sophisticated rockets, the source said...This was the fifth interdiction of Syrian arms shipments in 2013, the first four occurring January 30, May 3, May 5, and July 5...According to a source close to Israel’s Defence Minister Moshe Ya’alon the missiles were Iranian-upgraded Chinese rockets with a range of 1500 kilometres...Hezbollah have drawn down their participation in the Syrian conflict over the past few weeks to better deal with increasing violence in Lebanon...The militant group is acutely aware an attrition on their arms and personnel in Syria could undermine their political position in Lebanon, which is one reason Hezbollah are receiving advanced arms from Syria...Israel has an interest in pointing out the ongoing regional spillover threats from the Syrian conflict, especially as US stomach for conflict in Syria dissipates...Jerusalem is concerned a stronger Syria will embolden Iran to push other connections in the region including Hezbollah, although the militant group has been prickly to Iranian orders this year and could be moving away from the controllers in Tehran...It is unclear how robust Israeli intelligence on other arms shipments actually is, but further raids can be expected.

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