Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Russia suggests transfer of Syrian chemical weapons to international community

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon said September. 9 he welcomed a Russian proposal for the Syrian regime to transfer its chemical weapons to the international community for destruction, AFP reported...Ban said he may urge the Security Council to demand that the weapons be transferred immediately to secure zones inside Syria...However, Ban warned that Syria must accept the proposal...British Prime Minister David Cameron also supported the idea...Russian President Vladimir Putin continues to say he will support the Syrian regime...Mr Putin has consistently been sceptical of US and Western claims of the Syrian regime’s outright responsible for the recent chemical weapons attacks, and has pushed for a political solution to the conflict...The Russian position is backed up by a German intelligence report pointing out that the chemical weapons may have been used without Mr al Assad’s permission...US National Security Advisor Susan Rice is also supporting a political transition as “the only sustainable way to end the suffering”...Russia would gain more by keeping the al Assad regime intact as an example of its seemingly unconditional cooperation with pariah governments, especially to the eyes of Egypt’s controversial military government which right now could be looking for an alternative power alignment away from a cooling US.

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