Sunday, 8 September 2013

In Australia, voters suggest temporary swing to the right

Australia's Liberal-National party coalition, led by Tony Abbott, won around 54 percent of the vote in parliamentary elections on September 7, election officials said...The coalition is projected to win at least 77 seats in Australia's 150-seat parliament, mostly at the expense of the Labor Party, which has ruled for more than six years…Final results in the Senate could take more than a week to determine…Despite Mr Abbott’s extreme contrarian views on global warming and ending carbon and mining taxes, these issues took second place to the Australian voter’s desire for better economic conditions…Internecine squabbles and a series of scandals significantly undermined once-strong support for the Labor Party…Because of this, the coalition victory was likely more about voters strategically acting against the Labor party, than it was about voting for Mr Abbott’s conservative policies…If Mr Abbott can deliver on his promises of economic austerity and seriously cut government jobs, he could boost the Australian economy and increase his chances of re-election…Without these successes Mr Abbott will have a tough time broadening his popular appeal and parrying the expected opposition attacks from the left once they regroup.

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