Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Growing violence in Iraq unlikley to break political stability

Khalid Mohammed, AP
Fourteen car bombs exploded in different neighbourhoods in Baghdad on September 3, Al Sumaria reported, citing a source in the Iraqi police…More than 60 deaths and injuries have been reported…Explosions occurred in the Amil, Talibiya, Al-Amel, Ielam, Maamel, Sedea, Karrada, Sadr City, Zaafraniya, Baghdad Jadeeda, Shurta Rabea and Shurta Khamesa areas of Baghdad…Many of the neighbourhoods are Shiite-dominated areas…While the disruptive attacks in Iraq have intensified, the capabilities of the bombers have not evolved appreciably…Weaker vehicle bombs and relatively low casualties indicate a limited focus on soft targets…Also notable is that target choices are not economically critical for Iraq, nor are the militants striking government installations…The wave of attacks is painful for Iraqis, but do not threaten to upset the balance of power…Militants have been unable yet to entice local populations to their cause or turn the three main ethnic power groups against each other…Political cooperation between Kurds, Shiites, and Sunnis will likely continue amidst the bloodshed and Iraqis appear to be able to absorb the present spike in violence.

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