Sunday, 8 September 2013

EU lays blame for chemical weapons attack with al Assad regime

The 28 EU member states agree that the available intelligence appears to show strong evidence that the Syrian government perpetrated the August 21 chemical attack that killed more than a thousand people, EU Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton said September 7 at a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Vilnius, Lithuania, Reuters reported…Europe has been unable to agree on a response to the Syrian regime’s recent alleged chemical weapons usage…Political designs and the economic crisis in Europe are making it difficult for EU members to get involved in military activities abroad…Even with an apparent consensus it remains uncertain whether the EU will become involved in Syria…On the sidelines at the current G-20 meeting, and in their own countries, some EU officials have expressed they will not simply ignore Mr al Assad’s use of chemical weapons, indicating that some sort of military action is still possible...Agreeing that the Syrian regime committed the attacks sets some of the necessary groundwork for a potential NATO military strike. 

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