Thursday, 15 August 2013

Syrian rebels could threaten Lebanon core

A Syrian National Coalition member has said that Syria's rebels will not rest until Hezbollah is eliminated, Now Media reported August 13...Kamal al-Labwani told reporters at a press conference in Jordan that Hezbollah fought against the Syrian rebels on their territory so the rebels will fight it on its territory, "but not in the time being..."Al-Labwani added that if the Syrian rebels overthrow the regime, Syria and Lebanon will be "hostile states" while Hezbollah dominates Lebanon... Hezbollah's participation in an offensive in the Syrian town of Al-Qusayr prompted concerns the fighting in Syria could spill over into Lebanon...The group’s fighting forces are concentrated in Syria against rebels, leaving sections of the Lebanon core vulnerable to unrest... Tensions and violence are increasing daily in Lebanon as Syrian rebel forces try to split the focus of Hezbollah to weaken the Syrian regime...If Sunni forces from Syria begin to seriously threaten Hezbollah’s interests in Lebanon, the group may be forced to withdraw its troops from Syria...Loyalist forces in Syria would struggle to fill the gap left by Hezbollah should they depart.

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