Friday, 9 August 2013

AMISOM troops clash with al-Shabaab fighters as Kismayo prepares for local governance

At least 24 al Shabaab militants were killed when African Union Peacekeeping Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) troops and local forces foiled an al Shabaab plot in the southern city of Afmadow on August 8...Just over a week ago, on July 27, a car loaded with explosives rammed into the gates of an office housing Turkish Embassy staff in Mogadishu in a suicide attack...The attack killed three Somalis and wounding nine others, witnesses and police said. Al Shabaab rebels claimed responsibility for the attack...Al Shabaab attacks have declined recently with softer targets being chosen due to an increase in AMISOM security operations... Security operations in Mogadishu have enabled the fledgling government to expand control of the capital...While fighting still occurs regularly between AMISOM and al Shabaab, AMISOM commanders are in discussion with local Somali warlords in the southern port city of Kismayo to establish greater local control in Somalia......It remains an imperative for AMISOM troops to hand control to the interim Somali government, but it remains unclear how much power Mogadishu truly has over the nation...Al Shabaab have largely melted into the north of Somalia and are declining decisive combat with AMISOM forces...It is unclear whether the recent security gains will continue once AMISOM wind down their presence in the troubled country. 

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