Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Why the religious fight gay marriage

My reasoning on why Christian's are going public with gay marriage is simply a reflection of the lack of power and influence the church has as an institution in the early 21st century. For as long as western culture has existed, Christianity especially has had a veritable monopoly on the tradition of marriage in our culture. Of course, marriage is not unique to the judeo-christian tradition, but inside our culture Christians have indelibly stamped it.

But this monopoly is all that remains of a once all-dominating religion. For a long time there were few aspects of life which Christianity did not lay claim to, all the way up until only about 100 years ago (give or take).

Now, the erosion of influence and the advance of society is turning Christianity into a shell of its former self. People don’t go to church in the numbers they used to, and when they do it’s usually for either a funeral or wedding. Churches still hold weddings because that’s the way traditions work, not because they’re the best place for weddings.

Most people only go to churches for weddings and the church really wants to keep it that way. If that’s the only time they can parse some religious speak on to the heathen public, then they’ll fight tooth and nail to preserve it. One of the last things Christianity had some sort of influence over was homosexuality as a sin, rather than as a natural predisposition. They lost that fight a few decades ago and now all that remains to rail against is gay marriage.

They fight so hard to stop gay marriage because if it passes into legislation, then Christianity will control exactly zero aspects of western society. Everything will appear under the purview of the state. People will only go to church if they feel like it, and it’s going to be a lot more difficult for the church to convince people to attend if they’d rather just sleep in on a Sunday morning after a hard night of gay marriage...

To me though, the rabid fighting from the religious on gay marriage is a frightening reminder of what religion could do to society if it ever gains more power. The American Taliban are some of the most vile people on the planet, and they don’t differ too much from their kin in the badlands of Afghanistan and Yemen. They rant and rave over first century ideas with the express purpose, and intense hope, of visiting them upon the rest of society.

I won’t suggest all religious people are like this, that would be silly. But if you believe a book comes from an inerrant deity, then you’re just a subtle push away from enacting deeply crazy ideas on your fellow humans. The church should be fought on this gay marriage bill to the bitter end. I think it’s necessary because the religious are so close to losing completely that it behoves us to deliver the coup de grace. It will be better for all of us, Christians included, if religion is sidelined in this progressive society. We can’t get hung up on bronze age ideas any longer, we’ve come too far, we have too much to lose.

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