Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Liberal Christianity and It's Difficult Problems

I get the feeling that biblical literalism isn't kosher amongst enlightened Christians. If that's the case, and the world wasn't really created in 6 days, and Adam and Eve weren't real people in history, I think this makes it harder to believe in the scriptures rather than easier. I've been thinking about this recently. The world and universe wasn't created in 6 days, it just wasn't. No evidence has ever backed this up and a huge amount of evidence points to an old earth and an even older universe. Ok, cool, now that's sorted. What about Evolution? Evolution happened and continues to happen, indicating that humans and all other life have a common ancestor. This too is pretty clear cut, even obvious.

Ok, cool. What do these two things mean for our understanding of our place in the universe? Humans have been alive on this planet for perhaps 100,000 years. Some biologists have put it at maximum 1-2 million years. Let's take the conservative estimate of 100,000 years. I'm paraphrasing here but, individual humans didn't live for too long until the very recent centuries. Usually they made their way to about 25 or 30 years old, if they were lucky; usually dying of their teeth, being as close to the brain as they are; getting sliced in tribal turf wars over food, shelter and women. Not knowing where their next meal was coming from; absolutely terrified of lightning, volcanoes, earthquakes, large animals, etc; babies killing their mothers in childbirth, and themselves not living too long after birth. You get the picture. This was the way human life ran for most of our history. 

Meanwhile, according to the Christian belief, God stares at his fingernails and barely looks up long enough from his morning coffee to notice. I am told by Christians that this goes on for 94,000 years until God says, "Enough, I shall intervene to stem this horror. Where shall I do it? Ah, in bronze-age Palestine amongst ignorant, backward sheep-herders of course!" God doesn't reveal his Saviour in China, where people can already read and write; no, he turns up in a place so remote that the story of mankind's only way to salvation still hasn't penetrated a large part of the world in 2010. And this is the greatest story ever written? This is without mentioning the four and a bit thousand million years it took for humans to evolve on earth in the first place. And omitting the 99.99% of every species that has ever existed has gone extinct. 

Not only is this impossible to believe, if you believe a god presides over this mess he must be unbelievably lazy, wholly wasteful, and inept, and capricious, and callous and bumbling. It's easier to believe in the 6 day creation than that. A virgin birth is more likely than that. Further, we are told Jesus was sent here to save us from our sins. The very sins two earlier characters bought into this world and for their actions we are all condemned at birth. No child is born without this strange curse inherited from two mammals living eons ago; no person can start afresh because of it. We are all created sick and commanded to be well under pain of death. 

Who are these two characters you might ask? Adam and Eve of course, the very people many progressive, liberal Christians claim are actually metaphorical and didn't really exist at all. Fine, but here's the kicker. If Adam and Eve never actually existed and their recalcitrant fruit consumption never actually took place, then the implications, I submit, are severe for Christianity. If the story of original sin is a fable then it follows that no sin was ever bought into the world as the bible said it was. Therefore, Jesus' one job of dying for our sins was useless, redundant, and void. No sin ever existed for him to save us from. The central story of Christianity is the saving of mortal humans from original sin that never actually happened according to testable, falsifiable scientific knowledge.

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Anonymous said...

"Some biologists have put it at maximum 1-2 million years" funny evolutionists, biologists...cant exactly make up their minds can they of how long we supposedly we on this earth. Hmm maybe its because their theories dont add up..?

Evidence shows that we have a common Designer not ancestor. Take DNA for an example, what is DNA? Information. Information is a program, who wrote the program? A programmer! Not a rock or a bowl or soup.

Prejudice much against Christianity...?