Thursday, 20 January 2011

Insidious Sin

As someone who looks at humans without religion, the idea of sin seems strange. Molecular biology shows that humans don't possess some inherent trait separating us from the animal kingdom. We are as much animals as the lowliest Cocolithophore to the largest Cetacean. We all come from the same common ancestor bearing what Darwin calls the "stamp of our lowly origin". Over thousands of millions of years life has struggled against overwhelming odds, the most recent, and self-aware form of cells, taking shape in homo sapiens. Everything happening today is a result of a process of change through pain, destruction, anger, love, goodness, altruism, stealing, loving, fighting, giving, killing etc. These things aren't anomalies, every creature experiences them. All we do can be provisionally explained by exposing it's survival value. Working together is better than killing each other, unless the situation calls for fighting. Sharing your food is better than hoarding, unless the situation calls for stealing. Laying down your life for someone is better than cowardice, unless a single death reaps great rewards for the masses. One just needs to search their mind for other examples.

My point is that reasons can be found for all our actions. Nothing is a mystery if we accept our origins and place as part of this world, not apart from it. Everything fits if the natural world is understood. What doesn't make sense and makes everything so unnecessarily mysterious is the introduction of the idea of sin. Sin tells us that a lot of what we do is bad objectively. That our small actions or thoughts could be so disastrous we may eternally regret them. Sexuality is abhorred, anger is shunned, coveting is rebuked, selfishness is detested, as if these actions held within them some magical property. But they don't. They are natural things animals do; we are animals. Sin is such an insidious idea that once it grips a human mind it burrows so deep it's impossible not to have it's claws dig into your brain the moment you think. It's the ultimate form of brainwashing and mind-control humans have ever invented. Once it takes hold there's no action you can take that sin doesn't make you question. What is this but servile totalitarianism, self-imposed and unalterable? William Blake's mind-forged manacles. The idea of sin clouds the moral compass and destroys any proper functioning of conscience or Socrates 'inner daemon'. The idea of sin should be purged from our collective psyche before it and all it entails drags us back to the stone-age. 


Anonymous said...

You write some of the funniest stuff I've ever come across! I'd hate to be locked in your brain going round in ever decreasing circles - you'll end up like many philosophers at this rate and go insane if you don't become a bit more logical and rational in your thinking!
I see you enjoy trashing God and I have to wonder why such an ‘enlightened being’ as yourself even bothers with a religious issue like sin. If Darwin has given you all the basics you need for life why are you messing around with this issue? The basic ‘law’ of evolution is ‘survival of the fittest’ in contrast to Christianity’s ‘law of mutual aid’ – I know which world I’d rather live in and whether you choose to admit it or not human beings are different, sin isn’t what we do, it’s in us! Under Darwinian evolution there is no moral compass – because there is no basis for morality! Again moral compass is religious talk and for you it is clouding the issue as you swing back and forth. You have actually selected many aspects of Christianity and applied them to evolution like it is some noble belief system – why? You try and reduce human beings down to molecular level, on a par with animals and like a specialist who studies flowers, who intimately knows it structurally inside and out but sees it only as the sum of its parts and loses sight of what it really is - a flower – fearfully and wonderfully made! If animals and people are the same then how come I’ve never seen animals write music, a love poem, built a monument that would last thousands of years – you’re denying the human soul with all its beauty and creativity. We’ve had thousands of years to observe the evolution of animals when are they going to start doing these things? Reductionists like you always try and reduce everything down to its base level and insist on a one level plain of existence because you can’t conceive of anything higher or more powerful than yourself. You are making sin out to be the oppressor of mankind believing that if you can kill the conscience then mankind will be free! Good object lesson for you here –Hitler tried but it didn’t work, created genocide but didn’t set man free! Getting rid of Christianity or moral law doesn’t create utopia, it never has and it never will. God instituted three divine institutions for mankind; care and protection of the environment, the family and civil government. Sin disrupts all of these as we rebel against what would have protected our world and society.
You think sin is the problem - like many today you make this out to be an object – something that exists independently of mankind, a negative thing created by religiously deluded minds that enslaves us. This is an example of semantic nitpicking. You set something outside of you and then you walk around nobly thinking I’m objective, my opinion is truth! I often hear people talking about marriage in the same way and the conversation goes "our marriage didn't work out". They're doing the same thing you are making out that marriage is an independent object that 'doesn't work', when in reality two selfish people are responsible for not making it work and they blame ‘marriage’ to avoid taking responsibility. See it’s easier to condemn something if you can put yourself outside of it – like you are trying to do with this issue. Marriage is a relationship between two people. Sin is a relationship between God the creator and man the creature. The essence of sin is rebellion, its living life your way, on your own terms, so that you don’t have to be accountable to a higher authority. The war that is going on within your conscience (the voice of God in your innermost being) is tormenting you. You are walking around this issue as if it is something independent of you – blame everyone else, especially Christians, to ease your conscience but it won’t work and will never find peace until you resolve something much bigger than all this stuff you see fit to blog about.

heresmyopinion12 said...

Show me some proof for sin. Where is sin? What is it? How can we test it? Or is it just in your head?

Anonymous said...

Is this all you can come up with 'show me proof of sin'? You're the one with the issues just look at all the energy you've put into these blogs - don't you have anything better to do with your time? You seem to think we'd all be living in a darwinian utopia if only the idea of sin has never been introduced.You rage against all sorts of religious issues - swinging back and forth like your thinking is so clear and objective - without following your own thinking to its logical conclusion e.g. what if the introduction of the idea of sin or any religious belief(like many other behaviors and characteristics) is part of human evolution? Could this not be part of an evolving consciousness? Who are you to say that religion hasn't evolved unless of course you think you can pick and choose what is acceptable evolution and what isn't! Sounds a bit godlike to me!
I don't need to tell you what sin is - from you blog you do but if you need clarification look it up in a dictionary. I can't see the wind, I can't see love but the effect of these things is real enough to know they exist. If you are one of those people who think 'I won't believe till I see it' then be consistent and apply this to all of your life! Live in denial of all the obvious unseen things around you - go on be a purist! The outworking of sin is all around us, we live in an evil world in case you haven't noticed - but you probably don't believe in evil either - since you can't see it!
My last response was a sincere attempted to inject some balance into your thinking but if your reply is the best you can come up with I won't bother again.

Anonymous said...

" Sexuality is abhorred, anger is shunned.." sexuality isn't abhorred, nor is anger shunned. Neither are sin. You can be angry, and have sex, but it's when sexuality and anger are used outside of God's standards that they produce sin (like swearing through anger or raping through sexuality). I know you couldn't care less but just wanted to correct you on that