Monday, 13 September 2010

Why the Christian god is manmade #2

A god that is involved in our lives, that has a personal relationship with us is simply evidence that the fiction is indeed man-made. Full awe and wonder is gained in knowing that a spark of life in a universe dark and cold has turned its focus to try to understand itself for but a fleeting moment. The swirling nebulae and star-clusters are seen by a grouping of elements with the rare gem called life on a fairly ordinary planet in a quiet backyard solar-system inside a spiral arm of a giant, yet commonplace, galaxy. 13.7 billion years in the making, you are privileged that your particles, once birthed inside a star somewhere far away, can experience this time as a conscious being. That there is no god at all in this process, that there is no need for one even, makes existence all the more fantastic. To think that every one of my ancestors on this planet has been successful, not one was a failure, fills me with hope and purpose to carry on and defy the uncaring, faceless universe that doesn’t even know I am here. And would not care and inch if I was to perish. Travelling out just 100 million miles the earth would become a speck in the vast blackness of space. Travel any further and it would soon be impossible to see, yet the universe is far larger. We humans are not as significant as we would like to believe. All the wars, love, grief and comedy happen on this tiny planet. That this massive, gigantic beyond thought universe was somehow made for the benefit of mortal primate species called human is arrogance in the highest degree. It would be well if we gave up this nonsense.

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