Monday, 13 September 2010

Why the Christian god is man made #5

By “eternally saved” it is assumed to equate being saved by Jesus (or vicarious redemption, quite an immoral proposition) and gaining entry into Heaven upon your death. If you believe this do you think you are getting into Heaven according to the bible? If you do, do you realize that it may not be that simple? Jesus puts down some pretty specific guidelines in th gospels that should help you in getting to heaven. ere they are: According to Jesus you need to love everyone (Luke 10:25-28), sell everything (Luke 18:18-22), hate everyone (Luke 14:26-33), eat flesh and drink blood (John 6:53-54), be a little child (Matthew 18:2-3), be a born again infant (John 3:3-8), follow 613 Old Testament laws (Matthew 5:17-20), and believe in Jesus (John 3:16). 

If you understand these instructions, all of which have equal weight in the bible as it is Jesus himself saying them, then two things should be obvious. One, Jesus has no idea what he was talking about. If Jesus was an omnipotent and perfect human he would have given the same answer each time he talked about eternal life, but he didn’t. Instead he contradicts himself and sets up impossible instructions that are far from being a simple step to Heaven as is proclaimed by most Christians (usually through the famous John 3:16 passage above). 

And two, it is impossible to get into Heaven. It’s pretty clear that admission into Heaven is not supposed to happen according to Jesus. He establishes at least one impossible objective, namely “love thy neighbour as yourself”; thereby assuring that everyone falls short and becomes unworthy. (To complete even this simple instruction is patently impossible if you contemplate for even a moment). 

Ultimately, there is no safety in claiming that alternate “interpretations” of what Jesus was really saying will help reconcile this dilemma. If you consider yourself a Christian then you must believe that Jesus is God, therefore any attempt to interpret or explain what he says in a more favourable way is a fallacy or even a blasphemy. If Jesus is God then what he says is literally true, every time. If you think otherwise it is suggested that you have now left Christianity and are effectively making stuff up, just like the writers of the bible. I guess your in good company then.

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