Monday, 13 September 2010

Why bad?

When I say that something is bad I am only referring to "badness" in the sense that the behavior is detrimental to a healthy social functionality and towards the individual. In order to condemn this behavior to fellow communicating humans I need a method of communication that holds meaning. Bad, evil, or nasty are perfectly acceptable words when describing such behavior. "Who says something is bad", society does, but in a more internal way our evolved minds inform us of the unhelpful behavior. Some people call it their conscience, others their "inner-voice", while still others call it god. The evidence from neuro-psychology and human physiology seems to suggest strongly that this feeling most of us get is ‘in-built’ in our brains and serves to function for the continued adhesion of social groups. This claim can be understood if you imagine such a trait as "adaptive" in the strict evolutionary sense. "Who" says something is bad? Your brain does, it seems to be as simple as that.

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