Monday, 13 September 2010

The road not taken...

If I have said nothing at all that has made an impression, I will say this: if I were given a choice between god and truth I would pick truth. For a long time I was told they were one and the same, but now I know better. My ever increasing knowledge of how the universe works makes it difficult to merge truth with god. The only claim I can make to explain my life's purpose is a constant search for the truth. As you can see, this path has lead inexorably away from deities and faith. Coming to grips with whatever these truths have to say, be they encouraging or depressing, is a real intellectual challenge but I can think of nothing more important. Treading this path is preventatively dangerous; it forces one to test even their most cherished beliefs in the harsh arena of evidence.

"Just study the other side for once, even it up a bit". For some reason people keep saying that to me. As if they think they posses some new or better arguments for god's existence than those wrestled by the smartest men in history. But this usually turns out to be all smoke and mirrors. The arguments my interlocutors propose are never new. But perhaps yours is different; I’m willing to presume it is.

But before you do, understand this. I do not search for a single, ineffable, conclusive, or final proof for anything on this earth, let alone the extraordinarily broad idea of god. Any decision I make will be from a convergence, a consilience of evidences and proofs. No one argument has ever been enough to prove things of this magnitude. And of the question of god, there is no larger.

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