Monday, 13 September 2010

Religion and Geography

Most would agree with the observation that religion is largely geographically biased. However, this simple fact suggests that one’s religion is not based on truth at all, but rather on an inherited idea, or a meme. It is quite definitely the individual’s responsibility to assess and dissect their religion, but if there are literally hundreds if not thousands of religions in the world, how does one independently establish their veracity? You can’t ask god because some religions don’t believe in your view of god, or any god at all. You can’t ask other people because there has never been a person with that power, and why would you believe them anyway? You can’t read the individual sacred texts as they all contradict each other and rely on an inherited vision of god even to get off the starting blocks. You could ask for a sign but that requires a biased interpretation and seems to actually be a backwards step. In fact the religion you adhere to is positively indefensible to anyone but your fellow believers and yourself. There is absolutely no evidence for yours, or any other god/s, that can be independently tested. Apologists have been trying to establish this for millennia and are so far unable to succeed.

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