Monday, 13 September 2010

Personal religious experiences

Your personal experiences are just that, and cannot convince others (although sometimes they do) of the existence of miracles, prayer, and ultimately: god. The rarity of an event strikes me not as proof of a miracle but rather as belief from personal experience. Perhaps the event has happened more times than you realize and you simply don't know of the happenings. I don't know about this exactly but I would err on the side of caution in establishing whether or not the event is inside this world, before deciding it is outside of this world. But who am I to disregard someone's personal experiences.

I confess that I did target the biggest of all miracle claims (healing and the amputated limb) and may have slipped passed the smaller miracles in everyday life. I would like to suggest that coincidence and contingency can account for most of these events adequately but their replacement with miracles comes from someone's personal belief system. These beliefs should not however be insisted on as the 'only' explanation to other people if a better one is available. Coincidence is not a replacement for god or miracles; rather it is the tentative assertion that "shit happens". (I view the religious claim in the face of drama that "it is all god's will" to be along the same lines).

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