Monday, 13 September 2010

Eternal Life

It interests me that people honestly think that eternal life would be some kind of reward. Personally I couldn’t think of anything more unpleasant. Who could be seduced by the vacuous promise of eternal life? Eternal life would be no gift, but arguably the most horrific torture that could be laid on a sentient being. I mean sure, the first million years might be fun. But what about the next million, and the billion after that, and the trillion after that and you still have eternity left, this is never going to end, there will never be an end in sight. Eternal life is merely the poorly thought-out fiction of mortals who have gotten greedy. Eternal life would be a curse, without death there is no reason to do things. Eternal life would rob you of purpose. And this is how things would remain for eternity, and eternity after that, and eternity after that. I strongly urge you to accept your mortality. Do not let your fear of your inevitable death make you waste your only mortal life pursuing fantasies and delusions. Look at yourself in the mirror. For billions of years those particles that are currently looking back at you have circulated in the universe, but for a brief moment they have coalesced in you. Rejoice in the impressive instant before they dissipate whence they came. Delight that you’re a spark of life in the universe. Life is so much more bright and vivid without bronze-age paranoid superstitions that cloud and contract the mind with some empty undesirable promise that sparks can burn forever. Our time is finite; this gives our lives meaning, purpose and urgency.

ThunderF00t paraphrase

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