Monday, 13 September 2010

Christianity into Humanism: a neat trick.

Like every other book in history, the bible is made up of words. All the beliefs, tenants, rituals, policies, proclamations and prophesies are all derived from the individual words. It is therefore vitally important that we know what the words are to ascertain they’re correct meaning and interpretation. Some Christians attempt to evade scripture altogether by claiming that Christianity is a relationship with Jesus Christ. In my opinion, this is an egregious error as it ignores the origins of the character in the first place, the bible. To claim humanity innately feels the presence of the “holy spirit”, and acts accordingly, completely deprecates the book. It reduces the faith to human instincts and constructs alone, effectively transforming Christianity into pure Humanism. So the book is of ultimate importance to the Christian faith, even if some wish it were not.

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