Monday, 13 September 2010

Atheism, unknowns and religious arrogance.

There’s only so much I can explain about atheism as we’re all very different and have no unifying doctrine. Personally, I do not “believe in nothing”, I do however believe that when I die, who I am will cease to exist and my particles will return whence they came. Science attempts to answer the “where did that come from” question and has found that it is not an infinite regression. However, the question does become infinitely regressive when you ask the same question about god’s origins. It’s no use saying he is timeless, as that that leaves him powerless to intervene inside time and also has no backing in scripture. There are indeed things that science has not proven about life and the universe, and I would be a fool to disagree. However, there is a massive amount that we do already know and it is upon this foundation of evidence that I base my views of the universe. There are some things, such as the beginning of the universe and life that are termed “unknowns” by science in the sense that their exact details will never be known (origin of the universe, life, etc). What we can find out about them are hints left behind in the universe like a trail of breadcrumbs. We then make well-founded assumptions based on these findings. The religious also face the problem of the “unknowns” yet they proudly state they know the answers without evidence all from the careful reading of a book written thousands of years ago by nomadic tribes; this is profound arrogance as these things are impossible to know for certain in full as they claim they do. Scientists have no problem saying, "I don't know" about a tough question, why can't theists?

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